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An Ancient Spice Route Journey, Le Meridien Hotel, Central Jakarta

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For the people of Jakarta would be familiar with this 5 star hotel located in central Jakarta. The long-standing hotel in Jakarta still maintains its existence with the quality and facilities of the hotel that need not be doubted. The visit this time I along with the media was introduced with a new program entitled culinary is quite unique.
In the course of this event we were guided by a new executive chef operating at Le Meridien by the name of Chef Desmond Carneiro, he is from Australia but has Indian blood so in addition to European food, he is also quite reliable with  any kind spices. This time we are provided with a culinary passport with the instructions and contents of this event.
Chef Desmond will invite us to get around every Le Meridien restaurant to sample the exciting cuisine. Starting from La Brasserie All Day Dining, we were served an authentic pasta. Processed in large cheese pieces gives a distinctive flavor and black pepper alloy gives a fragrant scent and a bit of a spicy sensation. For snacks, we are served with Salted Cod Fritters, fish with crisp textures and tasty flavors.
Followed by the second spot of Al Nafoura Restaurant Upper Level with Persian food is certainly familiar with spices. Here is available Persian Lamb Station with a dish of lamb shank dishes and typical middle eastern rice looks really tempting. The dominant spices and tender texture of the meat. Then for more, we also served with Safron Chicken Kebab which is also no less delicious.
After that, we headed to Al Nafoura with Indian specialties. Here we can see the various herbs normally used to make Indian cuisine. Menu that must be tried is Prawn Caladine Curry and Lamb Biryani. Indian rice with cuts of lamb chops was very tasty. Then the soft prawn served with a thick curry and delicious.
After enjoying the spice dishes, we were invited to the area of Rumah Kudus or means Holy House with Javanese food. Rumah Kudus is a floor with penthouse facilities and there is an area where we can relaxed, while enjoying the serenity. Here I was amazed by the typical Javanese interior design that looks from the ornaments throughout the room. Javanese ornaments are made with teak wood material that is old enough. Detailed design and elaborate fabrication create amazing works of art. Here we were served with rice gudeg typical Yogya, satay pentul and various other Javanese dishes. It's just that the taste is a bit less show the taste of Yogyakarta, but overall still has a delicious savory taste.
After heavy meals, we were invited to the last spot of Dessert, La Boutique Gourmande. Here you will be spoiled with a variety of desserts and cakes are beautiful and tempting. One of my favorites is MilleFuille which is one of the signature cakes at Le Meridien. Napoleon cake with crisp pastry layer and crispy vanilla custard lining but not excessive.
An Ancient Spice Journey is very fun, where we are invited to tour the area of the hotel and enjoy a variety of European food to Indonesia. Do not forget also accompanied by a choice of drinks from wine to a typical herbal Indonesian jamu. Unique experience and pleasant culinary sensation will certainly be the right recommendation as a culinary lover. In addition, the price offered is also quite affordable from Rp 399,000 to Rp 599,000. An Ancient Spice Route Journey will take place on November 30th starting at 18.30 pm. For more details please contact Le Meridien Hotel.

Yovent A full-time Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer who has been travelling overseas with huge enthusiasm exploring culinary world. Living in Jakarta with variety of culture and food style and starting blog since 2014 early. With couple of year experience, he has good references and inspiration in food photography & writing.

Le Meridien Jakarta,
jl. Jend Sudirman, kav 18-20, Karet Tengsin, Jakarta Pusat
Tel: +6221 2513 131

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