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Bahasa l English This unique story was when I visited a restaurant in the South Jakarta area. Golden Joy is a family restaurant with a Chinese Indian concept. Well, unexpectedly the owner of this restaurant turns out to be from India but of Chinese descent family. Looks like an oriental Asian face but is able to speak Indian fluently. The interior of the restaurant is oriental and has touches of red or gold which are synonymous with Chinese vibes. The restaurant's capacity is quite large from an indoor space with round tables, an outdoor area, and 2 VIP rooms. Of course, this is a highly recommended restaurant for celebrating events. According to the concept, Golden Joy offers a variety of Chinese dishes which are actually quite familiar. However, if you pay attention, many dishes use typical Indian spices and seasonings. One of the highlight menus is Manchurian Gobi. So this is an Indian-style vegetarian dish. Use cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices such as onions, ginger, co

Privy Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Good news for me when I see the development of the high-end dining business in Jakarta is expanding. In this season, Privy Dharmawangsa opened a branch in Jakarta for the first time, more precisely in Dharmawangsa Square, South Jakarta. As the name implies Privy which in English means private or secret, this restaurant really provides an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. Once you enter on the 1st floor, there will be a greeter who will take you up to the restaurant through the elevator. On normal days they just open for dinner time, where an elegant, classic, and luxurious feel is felt in this restaurant. For space capacity that is not too large, according to the concept it will provide an intimate and exclusive dining experience. Privy Dharmawangsa serves dishes with modern Italian American inspiration. Take note, it's not an authentic Italian restaurant, so if you want to eat pizza, it would be not the best option to go here.  😆 But you can still enjoy a varie

Bangkok Michelin Guide Journal

Bahasa l English So happy that the opportunity to travel to Thailand is wide open for Indonesian citizens after the pandemic era for more than 2 years. A little information for you, for now, you don't even need to fill out an arrival card when you arrive in Thailand for Indonesian citizens. Various airlines are available, both direct and transit from Jakarta. On this trip, of course, I took advantage of the time to explore Thai culinary delights, which have always been my favorite. One of the things that travelers pay attention to when visiting Bangkok is the cuisine where the name Michelin Guide, an award event given to culinary entrepreneurs, is one of the extraordinary tourist attractions. Of course, there are many fine Michelin Star restaurants, but don't miss the many food stalls with the Michelin Bib Gourmand award in this city. Let's read further to find out what it is: 1. Somtum Khun Kan The story begins with a small shop in Mueang Thong Tani, thanks to which winni

Ramadan Season 2023

Bahasa l English It doesn't feel like time has passed quickly and the season for Ramadan has arrived. Passing through a pandemic that has occurred for more than two years has made many regulations from the government to stop gathering activities, especially in public spaces. Good news is felt by all people in the world today when they are recovering both in terms of social and economic business. Not to be left behind in Jakarta, a metropolitan city that is always busy with various activities. It feels fast, in 2023 the first semester will arrive the season of Ramadan which Indonesia has always been waiting for. The moment when Muslims do fasting in welcome Eid. Of course, an interesting activity in this fasting month is breaking the fast together, or called bukber (Breaking fast together). For loyal readers, I will share options for breaking the fast with various hotels in Jakarta that offer an all-you-can-eat buffet with various menus, both local and international. Please check o

Phoenix Gastrobar, Newest Aesthetic Lounge, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Bahasa l English Back to writing a blog, okay while I had time to break after the festive season in last December 2022. In 2023, of course, I hope to be able to actively blog again with the latest and interesting information that I think is memorable to convey. So like this bar that just opened in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area of Jakarta. Phoenix Gastrobar, a new concept presented by HWG, is one of the newest brands by the pioneers in the restaurant, bar, and club industry today. Next to each other between the two clubs presented before, are Tiger & Dragon Bar. The concept offered at Phoenix is completely different from previous HWG outlets. First I'll say the interior is absolutely stunning, with 3 story bar & lounge with stairs that reminds me of Hogwarts, the school in the Harry Potter movies. There is a DJ booth in the main area, a fountain that gives an elegant impression, and a bar station with a magnificent display rack of dozens of liquor. If you have frequently visi