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Chinese Hot Pot Invasion, Hong Yun Hot Pot, PIK

Bahasa l English This time I want to tell you about the experience of eating at a Hot Pot restaurant which is currently trendy, but before it, there's a bit of news about Jakarta getting exhausted with the spread of the Delta type of the Covid virus which is known to spread faster with more varied symptoms. A rapidly increasing number of Covid patients is a concern for the Indonesian government, both for the health and economic impact of the Indonesian. Taking a break from the news of Covid that currently fills all digital media, I want to tell you about the invasion of Chinese hot pot dishes that are also spreading in every corner of Jakarta. PIK is one of the popular tourist destinations for Jakartans today where there are new cafes and restaurants with millennial and instagramable concepts. A few weeks ago I visited Hong Yun Hot Pot which could be an option for you, fans of Chinese-style hot pot dishes. The magnificent interior looks from the outside like a typical Chinese buil

Nature Glamping, Situgunung Glamping, Sukabumi, West Java

Bahasa l English Last week was the first time I traveled to the city of Sukabumi, West Java, which is actually not too far from Jakarta, about 2-3 hours when the traffic is smooth. Consideredly, last Sunday, the traffic was quite smooth so that we could arrive in Sukabumi at lunchtime. My purpose visit to Sukabumi this time was to try the glamping experience in a mountain area, Situgunung Glamping. This area is one of the popular destinations for residents of Sukabumi and surrounds West Java. The journey from the city of Sukabumi to Situgunung is approximately 1 hour with smooth traffic. The sunny weather during the day is perfect for you to explore in the Sukabumi city area before going to the Situgunung. The road is quite uphill when heading towards Situgunung because it is a high up around the mountain. There is a main road through busy areas and an alternative road which is quieter but steeper and narrower. When you arrive in the Situgunung area, you can see a lot of visitors on t