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Bahasa l English This unique story was when I visited a restaurant in the South Jakarta area. Golden Joy is a family restaurant with a Chinese Indian concept. Well, unexpectedly the owner of this restaurant turns out to be from India but of Chinese descent family. Looks like an oriental Asian face but is able to speak Indian fluently. The interior of the restaurant is oriental and has touches of red or gold which are synonymous with Chinese vibes. The restaurant's capacity is quite large from an indoor space with round tables, an outdoor area, and 2 VIP rooms. Of course, this is a highly recommended restaurant for celebrating events. According to the concept, Golden Joy offers a variety of Chinese dishes which are actually quite familiar. However, if you pay attention, many dishes use typical Indian spices and seasonings. One of the highlight menus is Manchurian Gobi. So this is an Indian-style vegetarian dish. Use cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices such as onions, ginger, co