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Exquisite Cantonese Flavour, T'ang Court Jakarta

  Bahasa l English As a fan of high-end dining, it's good news for me when a restaurant brand that has received a Michelin Star award in Hong Kong opens a branch in Jakarta. Precisely at Hotel Langham Jakarta, T'ang Court is a Cantonese Chinese restaurant located on the 61st floor with stunning views of Jakarta's skyline from a magnificent height. Compared to T'ang Court in Hong Kong, the interior is completely different. Elegant, and modern, playing with elements such as wood, marble, and bright colors on the chairs. In every corner, there is a shelf with a plate display with a beautiful bird pattern. The atmosphere is quiet even though I came there at lunchtime on the weekend seen 2-3 tables seated. The capacity of public space is also not too big, but according to the information they provide a large number of private rooms. The concept of the T'ang Court restaurant menu itself is quite familiar to me, who has been fond of high-end restaurants both in town and a

Another Level of Korean Grill BBQ, Surasang, PIK Jakarta

Bahasa l English Talking Korean BBQ is certainly not something new to Jakarta residents. Currently, we can find a wide selection of Korean grill restaurants from casual to all-you-can-eat at very affordable prices. But don't forget, for dishes made from meat ingredients, especially beef, the quality will be the main thing to pay attention to. There is a price of course there is quality. Surasang, you can guess from the name that this is a Korean restaurant. Located on Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, which is one of the most popular culinary destinations. Surasang just opened its outlet on 31st Oct 2022. However, on my previous visit there some areas of the restaurant are still under construction and I did not take some of the interior pictures. But you can see below, there is so much elegant touch, the golden colour throughout the restaurant show it is high-end dining including with a bar. Therefore, I will immediately tell you about the dishes in Surasang. The concept of this restau