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Privy Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Good news for me when I see the development of the high-end dining business in Jakarta is expanding. In this season, Privy Dharmawangsa opened a branch in Jakarta for the first time, more precisely in Dharmawangsa Square, South Jakarta. As the name implies Privy which in English means private or secret, this restaurant really provides an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. Once you enter on the 1st floor, there will be a greeter who will take you up to the restaurant through the elevator. On normal days they just open for dinner time, where an elegant, classic, and luxurious feel is felt in this restaurant. For space capacity that is not too large, according to the concept it will provide an intimate and exclusive dining experience. Privy Dharmawangsa serves dishes with modern Italian American inspiration. Take note, it's not an authentic Italian restaurant, so if you want to eat pizza, it would be not the best option to go here.  😆 But you can still enjoy a varie