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Healthy Aging Menus, Riva Grill Bar & Terrace, Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta

Bahasa l English New steps for a healthier lifestyle, besides exercise, of course, eating habits are the main thing. A healthy eating lifestyle is starting to be very popular in recent years. Starting from various meatless dishes such as salads, without lots of spices or low fat. Today, healthy culinary not only applies the concept of good nutrition but also must be delicious. Riva Grill Bar & Terrace is now ready to serve for lunch. The concept of lunch is just presented by Riva in 2019. None other than General Manager of Wyndham Casablanca, Mr. Paolo Randone is indeed very enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle for himself. He has a nice example of a lifestyle where he always pays attention to what is good to consume every day. Wyndham Casablanca would like to invite the Jakarta community to be aware of this healthy eating pattern that is very good to apply and do not need to worry about the taste that is served. For guests at Riva at lunchtime, a menu set will be p

The Lounge, Intercontinental Jakarta, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English The fun activity to do when the weekend has arrived is to find an exciting and comfortable place to hang out. In 2019 the presence of the Intercontinental Jakarta brought fresh air to the Jakarta community. International chain hotels that have long been active in the world with a very elegant luxury concept. All of that is clearly reflected in this hotel in the Pondok Indah area. With a touch of pastel colors, it gives an elegant vibes, combined with artistic ornaments in several angles, adding a bright atmosphere. Hanging crystal chandeliers really show the luxury of this hotel. The Lounge is located right in the lobby area where the open-area looks so spacious. On weekends, I visited here to enjoy afternoon tea which is now an activity that is in demand by the people in town. Spending a relaxing weekend while enjoying a variety of canapé and the dishes or premium coffee is really fun. Basically, afternoon tea is not really my thing when talking about t

Asia Restaurant, Ritz Carlton, Kuningan, Jakarta

Bahasa l English Mau makan ke hotel bintang 5 tapi takut mahal? Ini solusi yang tepat banget buat kalian. Aku selalu memakai Chope ketika ingin berkunjung ke restoran. Aplikasi fitur reservasi online yang gampang dan cepat, selain itu juga bisa dapat diskon hingga 50% lho. Nah salah satunya di Asia Restaurant, all day dining di hotel Ritz Carlton ini tentu sudah ngga asing lagi. Dengan area yang luas dan tentunya aneka menu yang banyak. Desain restoran yang elegan sesuai dengan konsep hotel bintang 5 tampak jelas di keseluruhan ruangan. Menu yang tersedia mulai dari hidangan Asia hingga Indonesia tentu tidak perlu pusing mau makan apa saja disini. Harga per orang yang ditawarkan disini cukup beragam mulai dari Lunch (Mon-Thu) Rp 338.000 ++ / orang Lunch (Fri-Sat) Rp 468.000 ++/orang Dinner (Mon-Thu) Rp 368.000 ++ / orang Dinner (Fri-Sun) Rp 468.000 ++/orang Sunday Brunch Rp 488.000 ++/orang Reservasi melalui Chope, kalian bisa dapat diskon hingga 50% di waktu

Relish Bistro, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Bahasa l Inggris Cari rekomendasi tempat buat nongkrong di Jakarta sih udah menjadi kebutuhan ya bagi kaum milenial di Jakarta. Apalagi restoran atau kafe yang instagramable menjadi incaran ketika menghabiskan akhir pekan. Relish Bistro adalah salah satu tempat yang patut dikunjungi. Restoran yang elegan terletak di Fraser Residence yang merupakan apartemen eksklusif di kawasan  Jakarta Pusat. Terletak di lantai lobby, Relish Bistro mengusung konsep modern yang detail dengan dinding kayu di dalam ruangan, lalu lampu-lampu gantung futuristic yang memberi sentuhan instagramble. Areanya cukup luas dengan outdoor yang lengkap dan kolam renang. Biasanya hanya untuk para penghuni Fraser Residence, tapi pada akhir pekan kolam tersebut dibuka untuk pengunjung restoran dengan biaya tertentu. Relish Bistro juga menjadi salah satu opsi restoran yang bisa kita booking melalui Chope. Aplikasi booking restoran nomor 1 di Jakarta menawarkan fitur yang banyak, memudahkan dan memperc

Fu He Hui 福和慧, Shanghai, China

Bahasa l English Shanghai is a modern city in China that is worth a visit. With adequate city infrastructure and facilities that make our trip more comfortable. In addition, the city is quite clean and my visit during the winter so there is no pollution. It's just that although it is a modern city, there is little effort for those of you who aren't fluent in Mandarin where people rarely speak English here. On this holiday I visited a unique Michelin Star dining. Fu He Hui 福和 慧 is a fine dining restaurant with an attractive vegetarian menu. Currently Fu He Hui is also registered with Asia's 50 Best Restaurant, truly an amazing achievement. This restaurant will provide an amazing vegetarian culinary experience. Fu He Hui means luck and intelligence, with elegant interiors, earth colors like brown and gray dominate this restaurant. There are several ornaments from the Qing and Ming dynasties that give a beautiful touch. Every guest will be welcome to enter a pr

Toast Of The Year Of The Pig, Collage, Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Bahasa l English Welcoming the excitement of the Lunar New Year is ready at Pullman Jakarta Central Park. This 5-star hotel always presents interesting events and activities every month. This time at Collage, all day dining with modern concepts and artistic touches in some corner of the restaurant provides a lively atmosphere. In the year of the Pig, Collage offers exclusive family dining sets which are limited to only 7 tables with a capacity of 10 people per table. A mainstay dish worth tasting here is Yu Sheng, which symbolizes prosperity. A beautiful presentation with quality ingredients combined with fragrant ginger dressing and sweet plum sauce. Then there are Double Boiled Chicken Soup, a typical Chinese soup dish with haisom or sea cucumber, then fish maw, abalone, clams with a distinctly fragrant herbal aroma. There is also Stir Fried Broccoli with Scallop and XO Sauce, beautiful broccoli dishes served with fresh and soft scallop pieces. Feel the lively