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Hokkaido Izakaya, Pavillion Retail Arcade, Central Jakarta

Bahasa l Inggris Memang cukup mudah sih menemukan restoran Jepang di Jakarta. Namun tidak semua menawarkan sensasi menikmati makanan Jepang otentik yang berkualitas premium. Berdiri dengan konsep Jepang yang khas, Hokkaido Izakaya menjadi rekomendasi yang patut dikunjungi. Mencicipi aneka hidangan Jepang yang diolah dari bahan dasar berkualitas dan segar. Dengan area yang cukup luas dan tersedia beberapa ruang private yang nyaman, restoran yang berasal dari Jepang ini sudah memiliki beberapa outlet seperti di Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapura hingga Indonesia. Dengan seorang chef langsung dari Jepang, tentu tidak perlu diragukan bagaimana kualitas hidangan yang disajikan. Beberapa menu yang wajib dicoba seperti Hokkaido Fresh Uni Soba, sajian mie khas Jepang ini tentu sudah familiar namun ada yang berbeda dimana selain soba dingin disajikan dengan saus mirin yang gurih, dilengkapi dengan uni yang segar dan lezat. Kara Tsuki Hotate juga salah satu menu yang wajib disini, jara

Up In Smoke, RDTX Tower, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Who can resist the aroma of grilled meat? I know I can't! Recently restaurants specializing in grilled meat is quickly becoming a favorite among the Jakarta community. One of my top picks is Up In Smoke! This exclusive and modern Western style restaurant is located in the South of Jakarta. It is decorated with a large area with dark colors to give a touch of elegance. Up In Smoke has a n open kitchen where you can watch the process of various meat grills in a large furnace. The aroma the grilling process makes me even more hungry while waiting for the food. The menu consists of Western food with Asian touches. Here are some of the dishes that i tried: 1. Meat Platter (3 for RP 375,000 & 5 for RP 625,000) Dish platter with two choices between 3 types of meat or 5 types of meat. Offering the sensation of enjoying various meats such as, Smoked Wagyu Brisket, Smoked Texas Jalapeno Cheddar Beef Sausage, Smoked 1/2 Chicken and many others. This me

Black Sheep, Kemang, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Kemang is the trendy destination in Jakarta. Over the years, the number of Western restaurants keeps increasing. One of my favorite addition to this scene is an Italian dining spot called Black Sheep, opened just year ago. This restaurant has a bar concept with a choice of Italian and international dishes. In addition, there is also sport bar area where you can hang out with your friends. Born in the Sala Consilina, a city South of Italy, Chef Michelle Cuozzo is the talented chef behind the Black Sheep. Armed with an impressive experience and unquestionable skills, chef Michelle is ready to serve impressive Italian dishes daily. Before coming here, as usual I made a reservation in advance using Chope. With this reservation, I can get discount 35% everyday both in the morning till the afternoon, starting at 7.00am or 3.00pm, it's so worth it! Some of the menus I tried this time were as follows: 1. Carpaccio Di Manzo This appetizer dish made from thin

Shu Guo Yin Xiang Hot Pot, Lokasari, Jakarta

Bahasa l English A trendy and upcoming cuisine in Jakarta. Hot Pot is an option for Jakarta community that is interesting to visit. In the Central Jakarta, more precisely the Lokasari commercial area, Shu Guo Yin Xiang became one of the favorite destination at this time. This Chinese restaurant offers a hot pot menu with authentic taste and an elegant vibes. Szechuan Mala Soup is ne of their main menus, which is currently quite popular. Gravy with a thick reddish color and strong aroma certainly flavorful. For non-spicy options, you can try the Special Pork Bone Soup with different character. This is also favourite as is tasty and has less oil. Shu Guo Yin Xiang provides a variety of interesting dishes such as Live Sea Prawn. A fresh, live shrimp dish is seen in a bowl of ice. In keeping their shrimps as fresh as possible to ensure it is produces the right texture when cooked. The choice of meats such as US Angus Prime Short Ribs, US Beef Short Rib and

Oiio Bistro, Ruko Prominence, Tangerang

Bahasa l English A relaxing weekend is the right moment to hang out with friends to a modern cafe with international dishes with fusion style. It is located in the Prominence commercial area, Tangerang. For first timers, it will be quite difficult to find this restaurant with a location behind a supermarket. Fret not, you can certainly find the exact location of Oiio Bistro. As usual I make restaurant reservations using Chope . Not only is it user-friendly application, we can get instant confirmation of the restaurant booking. Besides that, there are many attractive promos such as 35% discount at Oiio Bistro. Try checking now on Chope . As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can feel the modern vibe from the d├ęcor. with a dominant white palette, the restaurant look clean and inviting. Then combination of a minimalist-style interior and paintings on the wall with cute character shows the personality of the owner of the restaurant. The menu offered is in the form of fu