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Ramadan full of joy, 2022

Bahasa l English It doesn't feel like time has passed quickly, the Holy Month of Ramadan will soon arrive where this moment becomes a special moment for Muslim friends to celebrate the wisdom of fasting, practicing worship and of course forgiving each other. Not to forget, breaking the fast together is something that must be done during this month of Ramadan. Now, this time I will share the choice of breaking the fast at a Jakarta restaurant with an interesting offer. Every day breaking the fast can be a special moment both with family and friends. Various restaurants with attractive offers, festive menus, and don't miss refreshing sweet treats. Let's see what are the options for iftar in 2022: 1. Signatures Restaurant, Kempinski Jakarta For residents of Jakarta, you are already familiar with this hotel. 5-star standard luxury hotel with the best location in the Central Jakarta area. Always offering the idea of ​​a luxurious iftar, this year Signatures Restaurant presents

Sushi Omakase, Furusato Izakaya, Jakarta

Bahasa l English Fans of Japanese cuisine are certainly familiar with the term Omakase, this Japanese-style set menu is very popular, especially when talking about premium Japanese-style restaurants. Now, this time I introduce the omakase set offered by Furusato Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant in Jakarta with a charming vibe. The Japanese atmosphere is really felt in the entire interior from the ground floor to the second floor with a semi-outdoor area and several private rooms. The omakase menu this time with the concept of sushi dishes served by chef Shinichiro Takada, a genuine Japanese chef who certainly understands Japanese dishes. This set menu is priced at IDR 650,000++ per person. The menu served consists of 6 parts of the menu starting from the appetizer, Mackerel Nanbanzuke. Using local ingredients, mackerel fish, marinated with ginger and onions, then fried. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with the perfect savory taste. Then proceed with the sashimi dish, 3 type

Black Owl, PIK, Jakarta

Bahasa l English A favorite destination for the Jakarta community, which is famous for its hawker centers, from street food, restaurants to elegant lounge bars. This week, another good news for restaurant and bar fans, Black Owl is back in operation from the previous location in the PIK 1 area, now they are presented new location with a different concept. As soon as you pass through this area, you can clearly see the Black Owl with a black building with an owl logo on it. Seen the parking area is quite large and still not too crowded during the day. Once inside, we will pass through a hallway with a very high ceiling. My suggestion is it's best to make a reservation in advance to save your table. Black Owl comes with a restaurant and bar concept, a very stunning interior with dominant dark colors such as black and dark wooden material throughout the large room. The dim lights look calm and elegant, and what's amazing is the giant LCD screen that stretches to the ceiling. There

Alice, Langham Jakarta

Bahasa l English Good news for the Jakarta community, there will be a new restaurant at Langham Jakarta soon, a luxury hotel with an elegant concept and international 5-star hotel standards. If previously I visited Tom's Jakarta, a British concept restaurant with an amazing gentle interior, this time Alice is also pretty stunning with a more feminine theme. With the concept of white color throughout the interior, the feel of England, the high ceiling, the floor with the black-white pattern is really enchanting. The new Alice will operate from March 9th, 2022, of course with the new normal protocol standard. It's a good idea to make a reservation in advance before visiting there because usually, the enthusiasm of the Jakarta community is very high for new restaurants or dining. The menu offered at Alice is in the form of a variety of international dishes, especially a touch of England because we know that Langham is a brand that started in London in 1865. Some interesting menus