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Kurune, Jakarta

Bahasa l English The rainy season is almost every day in Jakarta. Heavy rain and strong winds, Hopefully, everything will stay safe and there will be no natural disasters such as floods that often haunt the city of Jakarta. This time I will tell you about a modern Japanese restaurant that is on my recommendation list. Kurune has been operating for some time since the end of 2021, a location in the South Jakarta area which is indeed a destination with many Japanese restaurants. Kurune itself means let's eat in English. The restaurant building is quite large and does have a large area with a lot of seating capacity. There is a ground floor with an open kitchen and bar area, then a second floor with several private rooms. Modern Japanese nuance with a touch of wooden patterns, soft colors, combined with violet, golden on several sides so that it looks stunning. A variety of classic to modern Japanese menus can be found here. With the quality standards of fresh ingredients, they serve

Barbecue Feast, Meatsmith, Jakarta

Bahasa l English Good news for the Jakarta community with the arrival of the new Meatsmith restaurant from Singapore. A modern barbecue concept that presents the experience of enjoying a variety of meat dishes that are processed using the wood-fire method to produce a barbecue that is smoky, tender, and juicy. Located in the South Jakarta area, it looks like a 2-storey building with a large entrance. On the ground floor, there is a Meatsmith Express section which is planned to provide a variety of take-away dishes, where currently enthusiastic food delivery is in great demand. Then there is an outdoor area with simple decorations, wood, and urban colors such as black and gray combine with each other and add green elements with plants around the area. For the indoor dining area on the 2nd floor, the capacity is quite standard for a restaurant around 40-50 seats. Complete with an enchanting wine cellar and bar. In accordance with the concept, wine. A variety of wines are available here

Western Contemporary, SKYE Bar & Restaurant, Jakarta

Bahasa  l English The year 2022 is full of new enthusiasm and resolutions to be achieved. After a long time, I finally returned to SKYE 56 Jakarta, a rooftop restaurant with the best location and view in the central of Jakarta with an amazing view of the HI Roundabout. In this new moment, SKYE carries the concept of Contemporary Western which is full of blends of modern techniques to process dishes of the grill. This preview starts with an aperitif or starter drink with an interesting signature cocktail such as Lavender Islay Negroni served with Parmesan Crisp for the canap├ęs. Imagine a negroni with a lavender scent, so it's a bit more feminine but still gives a bold aftertaste, which is really delicious. Or SKYE Burnt Sour, a mixture of chartreuse with a distinctive herbal aroma combined with various fruity flavors to give a fresh sensation before starting dinner. The first dish that must be tried is Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu (Rp 180,000++) with a beautiful presentation, several layers

Real Ingredients of Japan, Sushi Maru, PIK, Jakarta

Bahasa l English 2022 is here! Welcoming the new year with joy and enthusiasm. This time I will tell you about a Japanese restaurant in the Golf Island area, PIK which is currently one of the trending destinations in Jakarta. It is undeniable that Japanese cuisine has indeed become one of Jakarta's society's favorites, so many Japanese restaurants can be found here. As a lover of authentic food, I really prefer Japanese restaurants that prioritize quality ingredients and classic tastes, although the current twist food variant is also very interesting. Sushi Maru has been operating since the end of 2021, with a Japanese feel in general using a wooden theme interior throughout the area. There are two floors with a large area capacity. But keep in mind, you should make a reservation before coming here, especially on weekends. One of the top menus here is Japanese Oyster, especially Reiwa Oyster, this dish is only available upon request. With a size that is much larger than the lo