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Western Contemporary, SKYE Bar & Restaurant, Jakarta

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The year 2022 is full of new enthusiasm and resolutions to be achieved. After a long time, I finally returned to SKYE 56 Jakarta, a rooftop restaurant with the best location and view in the central of Jakarta with an amazing view of the HI Roundabout. In this new moment, SKYE carries the concept of Contemporary Western which is full of blends of modern techniques to process dishes of the grill.

This preview starts with an aperitif or starter drink with an interesting signature cocktail such as Lavender Islay Negroni served with Parmesan Crisp for the canapés. Imagine a negroni with a lavender scent, so it's a bit more feminine but still gives a bold aftertaste, which is really delicious. Or SKYE Burnt Sour, a mixture of chartreuse with a distinctive herbal aroma combined with various fruity flavors to give a fresh sensation before starting dinner.

The first dish that must be tried is Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu (Rp 180,000++) with a beautiful presentation, several layers of elements in one dish, mushroom duxelles (a mixture of processed mushrooms), crispy potatoes, sliced ​​foie gras, and don't miss a slice of torched wagyu with BBQ sauce then caviar on top.
Then Josper Jumbo Prawns (Rp 210,000++) is also a must-try, as a seafood lover, this is my favorite dish. A tempting presentation, some large prawns, served with butter dressing mixed with prawn broth so that it has a distinctive seafood aroma and taste. Then topped with sliced ​​beetroot and tobiko so that the dish looks beautiful.

Followed by a pasta dish, Fettuccine Al Ragout (Rp 150,000++), homemade pasta prepared with beef shin ragout, grated cheese, and bone marrow (Rp 85,000++) for an additional. The savory taste for a moment is like enjoying pasta with thick and delicious rendang spices. It is pretty interesting.

Main dishes such as Pistachio Crusted Mulwarra Lamb Rack (Rp 350.000++) can be a special menu. Grilled lamb served with crusted pistachios and mint aioli makes for a delicious combination dish. The way to eat this is that the meat must be dipped in mint aioli and then attached to the pistachios so that it gives a harmonious taste when eaten. Or Maple Glazed Salmon (Rp 240,000++) can be an interesting main course option. Tasmanian Huon salmon which is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, served with hollandaise sauce which is the hallmark of salmon dishes.
Don't ever forget to try dessert. Camembert & Truffle (Rp 95.000++) is interesting, classic cheesecake with vanilla ice cream, then fragrant truffle slices with a distinctive taste sensation and decorated with beautiful maple tuile. Or sweet lovers, Crème Brûlée (Rp 85,000) will be the right dish, besides being beautifully served in a bowl that looks like coral and is full of magical smoke effects.

The dinner experience at SKYE Jakarta is certainly memorable. A big change compared to the previous concept provides a fresh and attractive new color. It is undeniable, SKYE Jakarta is one of the restaurants with the image of a popular place, especially from the location, atmosphere, and view that the restaurant offers. Enjoying a delicious dinner, this restaurant is certainly suitable for a romantic dinner or any other special occasion.

a full-time content writer and social media influencer who loves to travel overseas with high passion and enthusiasm to explore the world of gourmand. Living in Jakarta with the diversity of cultures, foods, trends, and lifestyles gives him much inspiration to create the stories. Blogging since 2014, with more than 5 years of experience, he has a good capacity to work in food writing & photography.

SKYE Bar & Restaurant,
Menara BCA lantai 56, Jl M. H. Thamrin No.01, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 2358 6996


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