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Ramadan Season 2023

Bahasa l English It doesn't feel like time has passed quickly and the season for Ramadan has arrived. Passing through a pandemic that has occurred for more than two years has made many regulations from the government to stop gathering activities, especially in public spaces. Good news is felt by all people in the world today when they are recovering both in terms of social and economic business. Not to be left behind in Jakarta, a metropolitan city that is always busy with various activities. It feels fast, in 2023 the first semester will arrive the season of Ramadan which Indonesia has always been waiting for. The moment when Muslims do fasting in welcome Eid. Of course, an interesting activity in this fasting month is breaking the fast together, or called bukber (Breaking fast together). For loyal readers, I will share options for breaking the fast with various hotels in Jakarta that offer an all-you-can-eat buffet with various menus, both local and international. Please check o