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Umaqita, Indonesian Heritage Dining with Beautiful Ambiance.

Bahasa l English  After a long break from writing blogs, now this will be my first article in 2021. It is undeniable that the pandemic condition still worrying us every day where the number of positive is increasing day by day. However, we also cannot stop doing to do activities for our living. Less going outside, only necessary matter or for work to be done. Well, this time even though in a pandemic, the restaurant business still has to run and there are even several new restaurants that are trying to move on due to this pandemic, such as Umaqita. This restaurant has just started operating in January 2021, located in Ruko Golf Island which is next to Pantjoran PIK area. From the front, it can be seen clearly the signage of Umaqita. Then the exterior is added by the green color that really stand-out when passing this area. The atmosphere of the interior is pretty charming, the nuances of green in various dept of color and some greenery are currently becoming a trend, then several spot