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Mad Cow Wine & Grill, Pullman Grand Central Bandung

Bahasa l English Bandung, one of my favorite destinations when talking about a vacation to the West Java area. Kota Kembang (The City of Flower) is famous for its various cool and instagramable hangout spots and artistic murals scattered throughout the city area. Talking about Bandung is also synonymous with coffee shops that are everywhere. Various cafes with concepts that are built-in diversity and are always being crowded by people to create social media pictures. Mad Cow is a Wine & Grill bar located at Pullman Grand Central Bandung. A 5-star hotel with the best location in the central area and the main government district of Bandung. Looking for a luxury restaurant with high-end standards in Bandung isn't much, right. The best option is usually a restaurant in a 5-star hotel area. By luxury concept I mean not only the place but also the dishes served and the quality of the ingredients used . Located on the 17th floor which is a rooftop area where you can see the atmospher

Lambassador, When Lamb Lovers Meet the Exellence

Bahasa l English A sunny week makes a new spirit at the end of this year. The theme of this article is titled Lambassador. As the name implies, this event is a collaboration between True Aussie Indonesia this time together with Turkuaz and the well-known Warung Turki. One of the best Turkish dining in Jakarta that offers a nice atmosphere of Turkish, beautiful decoration overall the restaurant. On this occasion, I learned and added insight about quality lamb meat, from the type, processing, to the various benefits found in lamb. Of course, it has advantages that are not losing to beef. It should also be noted that all sheep originating from Australia are organic grass-fed type. The character of the meat is leaner, tender, less gamey. On two occasions this time the lamb was processed into several interesting dishes with a distinctive Turkish taste. In accordance with the expertise of chef Sezai Zorlu, lamb can be processed into a perfect dish with a soft meat texture, fragrant aroma, a

New Opening, August, Jakarta

Bahasa l English This month has indeed become a moment where the restaurant and hotel business has begun to attract customers with various offers. Not to forget, the opening of several new restaurants has also colored the city of Jakarta recently. One of them is August, which is located in the Sudirman area, more precisely at Sequis Tower. This restaurant has opened on November 25th, 2021. The elegant and premium concept can be seen from the exterior and interior of the restaurant. The area is quite spacious with a charming bar in the front room, then an open kitchen which provides an interesting experience for guests to see the activities of the chefs in the lively kitchen. On weekends, you can see the number of guests filling the entire table, it's a good idea to make a reservation in advance . When I had dinner there, they happened to have no available alcohol because they were taking care of licensing and distribution issues. So I brought wine with a corkage fee of IDR 250,000

Re-opening View Steak Bar, Fairmont Jakarta

Bahasa l English Finally, after a long time in the pandemic, View Restaurant is open again with a new menu concept and also a new chef. For Jakarta's society, of course, you already know that this restaurant is located at Fairmont Jakarta, 22nd floor. This restaurant is open for dinner from 6.00 pm. This preview event also introduces a new Head Chef named Hugo Bertolini. With a fairly well-established experience in 5-star hotels, of course, his expertise cannot be doubted. Once again I explain, with a location on the 22nd floor, this restaurant provides an enchanting view of the Senayan area. The elegant interior concept with a touch of dark colors and dim lights provides an exclusive atmosphere. With the name steak bar, View not only serves a variety of steaks but also a wide selection of modern dishes with a Latin American twist . In this preview event, some of the menus that I tried were really interesting, such as the Slow Charred Octopus (IDR 155,000), an octopus dish with a