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Neo Indian - Sustainable Dining, Bangkok

Bahasa l English  With a wide range of activities, shopping, cultural tourism, and delicious cuisine ranging from street food to Michelin Star restaurants, Thailand has always been a popular travel destination. This time, instead of going to a Thai restaurant, I went to an Indian restaurant with a Michelin star. This restaurant is nestled away around a residential area on a small road, not obvious to be seen from the main road. The purpose of Haoma is sustainability through the use of only locally sourced ingredients, which the restaurant produces on-site with a small farm and garden. This is an extremely intriguing concept. Despite the mostly black decor, the restaurant area is well-lit and cozy, with glass enclosing the entire room. There is not a large amount of seating, and the environment is more intimate. Lunchtime traffic isn't too bad, but reservations are recommended. There is a fixed lunch menu consisting of 6 courses, with the choice of regular or vegetarian fare. We ar