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Chiang Mai Culinary Journey

Bahasa l English It took me a while, but I was eventually able to visit Chiang Mai again. Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is less crowded with cars and has a more relaxed vibe than Bangkok. As is customary, I am naturally excited about culinary hunting, about which there is even excellent news the Michelin Guide operates here. This city has about fifty dining options listed in the Michelin Guide, yet none of them have earned a single star. The only options available here are the Michelin Plate and Bib Gourmand. As you read on, I'll talk about my visits to various restaurants during this trip to Chiang Mai. 1. Han Thueng ( ฮ้านถึงเจียงใหม่) Following a visit to Doi Suthep, the well-known temple complex in Chiang Mai that is a must-see location for travelers. You can stop by Han Teung, a store located near the Wat Umong temple, on your route back into the city. A modest store that is mostly occupied by local Thai people during lunchtime a

The Coach Restaurant

Bahasa l English According to the most recent information about Jakarta's restaurant business, it is evident that entrepreneurs love coming here to launch food-related ventures that pique the interest of the local populace. Coach is an American fashion brand that is well-known to inhabitants around the world. One of the defining characteristics of the modern generation's lifestyle is their assortment of clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories. The Coach Restaurant, which is housed in the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, made headlines when it originally opened. You must first pass the Coach boutique to get to this restaurant. Once inside, you will notice a stunning entrance that leads to the dining area. You notice a difference as soon as you walk in—the restaurant section is dimly lit and has a dark ambiance, while the clothes boutique is filled with vibrant colors. The space is vast, and stairs connect to the second level, which is currently being progressed into a private sp