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Festive Menu, TWG Tea & Salon, Jakarta

Bahasa l English The Holiday is closer! Well, this time not at the hotel, but a luxurious tea lounge in Jakarta. TWG has become the most popular tea lounge in town and even famous in the world. Known for its classy interior at every store, then truly golden color that looks elegant. Then countless tea choices, from my favorite Silver Moon, Eternal Summer and many more. This December they presented a festive menu to welcome Christmas 2019. This month, several set dishes are available to celebrate a special moment with family or friends. Check here some below: 1. Festive Tea Time Set Menu (Rp 295.000 ++) This set allows guests to enjoy the experience of quality tea set by TWG. You can enjoy 2 kinds of tea or tea mocktail. Then available a patisserie from the trolley, 4 types of savory meals, and 2 kinds of viennoiseries. Well, that is quite enough for two persons. A good combination between the savory meals and sweet treats together. 2. Festive Set Menu (2 price cho

Parc 19, Kemang, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English After renovation for some of the time, Parc 19 is operating now with more modern concepts and comfortable. AT first glance, this place kind of looks like a coffee shop with wooden dan urban vibes through the interior. But if you look clearly, basically it is a lounge dining that also equipped with a bar station. This time I had the opportunity to taste several of their signature dishes, with the new concept still stick to the Western and Asian fusion, here some below: 1. Char Siu Beef Fried Rice (Rp 85.000) From the presentation, it looks simply like a bowl of classic fried rice. But for its taste, this one has become a favorite dish for me. Fried rice topped by beef jelly to represent the pork that normally found in Chinese fried rice. Even the aroma just exactly like I am having a bowl of fried rice at the Chinese restaurant. Very interesting! 2. Quattro Formagi ( Rp 95.000) Classic pizza that common to be found the restaurants in

Halfway Arteri, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Another Chope restaurant that I can recommend to you to go. Halfway is a hype bar dining with very nice decoration. The wooden concept in the whole interior makes this place looks very gentle. Then the painting on the large wall just make a nice spot for taking pictures. The menu they offer here is in the form of Western Asian twist dishes that adjusted to the Jakarta community. Last Sunday I had a chance to try some dishes as below:  1. Spaghetti Halfway Chicken (Rp 75,000) A comfort dish that is quite common to be found at restaurants in Jakarta. Spaghetti combined with a moist and tender piece of chicken. Pasta is al dente, but a little too much of oil which the pasta kinda greasy. Well besides that, the spicy taste has pampered the palate. 2. Pizza (Start from Rp 75.000) Here's the pizza variant that is quite diverse, from Four Cheese, Pepperoni Basil, Chicken Pineapple and etc. The pizza is quite thin, crunchy, full of

November 2019

Bahasa l English November finally arrives, it doesn't feel like the end of the year is approaching. Before welcoming the Christmas month and new year moment, November is also a month of full product launches, new brands keep coming and Halloween themes which just ended last October. Let's see what else events I attend this month. 1. Launching Coffee Good news for coffee lovers, the presence of new products from which is famous as a doughnut specialist, now they present coffee with practical packaging for customers to carry around. This coffee is not like an instant coffee in general. But this is a real coffee that has been freshly ground and then packaged into a more practical package. There are 6 variants, you can buy at a price Rp 17,000 each or more affordable one box of price RP 70,000. Come on, try it! 2. Opening Lucy Beer Burger Bar For those who like to hang out in the SCBD area, there is a new option. New collaboration project between Syah E

Halloween Brunch, Prego, Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali

Bahasa l English Bali has always been a pleasant destination for a vacation. At the end of last October 2019, with a short time, I spent several days in Bali with several events at the restaurant. On this occasion, I visited a restaurant at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali. Prego, a restaurant that has won awards as The Best Sunday Brunch with an authentic Italian dishes. Luckily, on my visit yesterday, the theme that was carried was Halloween which provided a quite different atmosphere and experience than the usual Sunday brunch. A large area is equipped with outdoor which has been prepared by several rides for children's activity. Sunday brunch at  Prego indeed can be the right choice for families. In this Halloween theme, Prego presents nuanced where there are spooky-theme decorations, as well as the buffet menu served. A variety of diverse international dishes so as to provide a varied choice for guests. You can check out some photos below, many creati

Twenty Fifth, Kebayoran, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English Looking for lunch recommendations, the Senopati area is surely one of the favorites. An area filled with unique and interesting restaurants and cafes. Twenty Fifth is a sister company of Leon and Roosevelt Jakarta. If Leon and Roosevelt are built with dining and lounge theme, Twenty Fifth offers more to casual dining. Casual cafe with a modern concept that at first glance looks like a coffee shop complete with the bar aside. A fairly large area holds about 50-60 people. The atmosphere is quite comfortable and calm during my visit at lunchtime. The menu available here is quite similar with the other two outlets. The concept of the typical Asian twist menu that is currently loved by the Jakarta community. Some of the menus that I tried this time such as Spaghetti Seafood, Bibimbap, Gyutan and some menus that could be considered familiar to the Jakarta community. The flavors offered are adjusted to our tastes who like the savory taste. The entire menu

October 2019

Bahasa l English This October is a moment where many event organizers hold events before welcoming Halloween or preparing for Christmas events which not so long anymore. Here I want to present a new blog concept where I will be updated with articles containing the events I attend and the latest product updates at the restaurant. This update will be periodic as time goes by, every week I will be presenting new information so you can get more up to date information. 1. Le Meridien Coffee Week No doubt this moment provides an interesting story for the coffee fan. Indonesia itself is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. I stopped by at Le Meridien Jakarta to enjoy a cup of quality coffee by Illy, light meals and a bunch of chats. Le Rendevouz is a lobby lounge indeed comfortable with a calm open area. In the afternoon it's quite crowded by office people. 2. Gala Dinner opening JCF 2019 At the opening Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2019 was welcomed with a