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Fu He Hui 福和慧, Shanghai, China

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Shanghai is a modern city in China that is worth a visit. With adequate city infrastructure and facilities that make our trip more comfortable. In addition, the city is quite clean and my visit during the winter so there is no pollution. It's just that although it is a modern city, there is little effort for those of you who aren't fluent in Mandarin where people rarely speak English here.
On this holiday I visited a unique Michelin Star dining. Fu He Hui 福和 慧 is a fine dining restaurant with an attractive vegetarian menu. Currently Fu He Hui is also registered with Asia's 50 Best Restaurant, truly an amazing achievement. This restaurant will provide an amazing vegetarian culinary experience.
Fu He Hui means luck and intelligence, with elegant interiors, earth colors like brown and gray dominate this restaurant. There are several ornaments from the Qing and Ming dynasties that give a beautiful touch. Every guest will be welcome to enter a private room consisting of 11 rooms here. If you come in a crowded number, there will be a main room with a larger capacity.
Here only the set menu is available without ala carte. The price range per person starts from RMB 580 - RMB 780 around Rp. 1,200,000 to Rp. 1,800,000 per set menu. This time I chose the Small Delicacies menu which consisted of 8 types of dishes. The first menu starts from Avocado. It served with tomatoes, mango and served on crisp waffle cones. The fresh and distinctive taste of the avocado truly enhances appetite.
The second dish, Lotus Fungus. Served mushroom processed soup, served with baby corn, black medlar, and vegetarian consommé. A fresh and light clear soup tastes very delicious with corn and medlar texture which gives a crunchy sensation on every bite.
The third presentation, Eggplant. The menu sounds very simple, aka eggplant. But the presentation is quite different. Eggplant with a crispy texture outside and soft inside is wrapped in a very tasty teriyaki sauce and then served with a lotus root with a beautiful pattern and the gorgon fruit adds a different taste sensation.
Then there is Yam or better known as sweet potato. Beautiful white and purple blends are served with a thermite mushroom and soy which gives a savory taste. The soft, sweet Yam gives a pleasant sensation when eating it. Besides that, it also has a sweet taste that is not excessive.
Continue with Morels, the next dish. Morel mushroom cuts with a unique texture and wrinkle pattern throughout the mushroom. Combined with jian bing, melon and celery pieces. The dishes are quite unique, the texture of the merlons is chewy and the fresh taste from other elements makes this dish very delicious.
The next dish is Carrot, sounds very simple but you need to know that this dish is no less delicious. Processed carrots such as porridge mixed with potatoes, then bamboo shoots and balsamic pearl which gives a unique blend of flavors. After that, followed by Spring Roll Cake, processed Bai Bai mushrooms that are made as fish meat, wrapped with crispy tofu skin and served with cucumber and soy bean paste which adds a savory flavor.
The last is a dessert dish, Green Pea. This is a very beautiful dish. With clear glass served matcha ice cream and mint oil to produce a fragrant aroma. Then apart there are also Mung Bean cake, a pastry made from green beans with a soft texture and a sweet that taste right.
My experience of having lunch here was truly amazing. The elegant and classic atmosphere blends perfectly, serving vegetarian dishes that are not only delicious but also presentations that are so beautiful. Indeed, there is no doubt Fu He Hui with the Michelin Star standard, this is certainly my recommendation when you visit Shanghai.

Yovent, A blogger & social media influencer who has been traveling overseas with huge enthusiasm & passion to explore the culinary. Living in Jakarta with a variety of culture, food & style and start blogging since early 2014. With few years of experience, he has good references & inspiration in food photography & writing. 

Fu He Hui 福和慧,
838 Jiangning Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China,
Tel: +86 21 6298 9181


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