Motel Mexicola, Seminyak, Bali

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Sun bright is really familiar in this Gods island, Bali. It is one of popular destination for holiday among the local also foreigners since long time ago until this moment. It still been existed as the top tourism spot in Indonesia.

If you have a chanche to visit Bali, of course not only a beaches that you could go but there's various of cool restaurant, cafe, bar or even a coffee shop. Many choiches with different ambiance and of course trending.

Motel Mexicola has become a spot that you must visit. It is built with such an instagramable concept during day or night time. At this moment, i visited here during afternoon time. Way to this place is a pathway where only available for a one car to pass through. And another thing is there's no any parking space at this restaurant.

So what we have to do is looking for a parking lot at the beach area where it is close from the restaurant, it took about 5 mins walk. From outside, this place looks small with modest wooden house and colorful pattern all around. But when getting inside, we would be amazed by the catchy colors and artistic interior.

All space of restaurant is decorated by an ornament Mexican style. You could see all sides are covered by various of colors. Way to the second floor, we may see a nice design of stairs, then a lot of photo frames hanging on wall, giant window, it would be such a good spot for us to take a picture.

On second floor, we could enjoyed little different view where we could see a side of beach and sea, especially during afternoon, we could enjoy the yellow sun bright blazed down to the beach. But during that time, it was quite hot where the sun really strong and Motel Mexicola is built with semi outdoor concept and they do not have any air-conditioning in restaurant.

During moment like this, a cold drink was a perfect choice to chill down this hot air. All menu here is Mexican style e.g. tapas, nachos or quesadilla. For afternoon meal, so i ordered a nachos along with guacamole sauce. For the nachos, it has a commonly nachos you able to found anywhere. But when it dipped into the sauce, i can assure you they have really good sauce.

It is a nice thick sauce with strong and fresh blended avocado and it's seasoned well done. Other than nachos, i also ordered something sweet, a churros. It was served along with chocolate and caramel sauce.

Warm churros have a nice puffy texture was really good. It has a milky dough that really lovely. I was really perfect when dipped into the sweet chocolate and caramel sauce. At first, i thought they won't served a nice real food and thought about a fancy restaurant based on ambiance or trend only. But in fact, i can tell they do served a great Mexican food.

even though, i got a bit upset by unfriendly service, even the waiter couldn't smile while serving us. But i did satisfied with the food and also cold drink in this sunny afternoon. For price, they do offered a quite reasonable rate if mention about the food, then nice concept, ambiance and also sure thhey have been trending among yout people nowadays.

Motel Mexicola,
Jl. Kayu Jati, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62361 736688

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