Taman Safari Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java

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Family tourism is currently available in various interesting activities both in Jakarta and outside the city. For those of you who are visiting East Java, there are recommendation for exciting vacation spot for families. Taman Safari Prigen, located in Pasuruan, about 2 hours by car from Surabaya. An huge area animal breeding center with various types of rare animals that can certainly provide knowledge for children and adults as well.
Like safari parks in general, visitors will enjoy a safari tour that can use a private car or safari car with a unique appearance. Then the large glass makes it easier for us to see the animals around. Starting with a variety of mammals such as elephants, giraffes, deer and others with a very large number certainly provides a pleasant experience.
Followed by carnivorous areas such as tigers and lions can be found here. Tigers with stunning charm certainly attract the attention of all visitors. A group of lionesses who were relaxing seemed very calm and comfortable. Do not forget the primate area with various species of animals which is certainly very rarely seen in general, most cases and trafficking around make some animals categorized rare and almost extinct.
Here every animal must be cared for as well as possible by professionals to preserve these animals. Good facilities, supported by a natural location and certainly with really expert control. Visitors can also see a variety of reptile animals that are certainly stunning. A group of crocodiles near of the river while sunbathing, various snakes with a very amazing appearance.
There is also an interesting new area, namely Australia Zoo where visitors can see a variety of typical Australia animals such as one of the popular is kangaroo. Visitors can interact directly with the tame female kangaroo by feeding and certainly in the supervision of officers. Besides that the presence of Red-Necked Wallaby named Wendy & Wattle which is a species of herbivore with a very unique form.
In addition to interacting with animals, here visitors can also watch a variety of shows with animals that are trained to offer amazing performances. Agile dolphins and seals with really great jumps then small, tame crocodiles and many more. For fun activities, Prigen Safari Park provides a Safari Water World area where visitors can swim and feel the various sensations of slides that spur andrenaline.
For lunch, visitors can choose several restaurants here such as Resto Gading, Waroeng Ndeso or enjoy lunch while looking at the lively white tiger at Tiger Cave Restaurant. It's good for you to visit Prigen Safari Park starting before lunch where the area is very wide, a variety of interesting activities, and of course the location of photos that are must to do!
To facilitate access, visitors can stay at the Baobab hotel with 5-star facilities and a sensation of staying while looking at various animals directly from the room. In the next article i will explain how to stay at this Baobab hotel. Please continue to follow the update.

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Taman Safari Prigen,
Desa Jatiarjo, Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java 67157
Tel: +62 343 6743 000


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