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This time i visited Surabaya, which is certainly one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. As one of the growing business center, Surabaya is quite crowded especially in public areas such as shopping centers, restaurant and other tourist areas. On this occasion i stayed at one of the 5-star hotel with very famous historical stories.

Majapahit Hotel is a very popular hotel for the people of Surabaya and even people in other cities. With a classic building that was founded in 1910 by the Sarkies brothers who were famous for the hotel business network in Southeast Asia at that time. Previously the hotel was renamed several times to become a Majapahit Hotel with a luxury and vintage concept giving a different touch to the hotel in general.
One of the important moment that made this hotel very well known was the tearing of the Dutch flag by a group of Indonesian youth in 1945 as a form of the Indonesian people's effort to reach the independence. Now the Majapahit Hotel is a very popular stay destination with a strategic location in the center of Surabaya. The lobby area which is full of classic impressions brings us nostalgic to the past era complete with beautiful antique cars in the corner of the room.
All the way to the room, we will pass a large garden area with beautiful views, greenery and shady trees around it and then equipped with several fountains that give a beautiful touch. The hotel has a very large area with long hallways so for the first time i needed enough time to find my room. With the direction of the staff, there is no need to worry, my room is far enough from the lobby after passing through several garden areas.
The room i occupied this time was the Heritage Suite, with spacious room, there was a sofa room area, a bed and a bathroom complete with bathtub. The classic nuance that is dominant makes us feel again living in a place that was very classy in the past. For breakfast, guests can enjoy a buffet or breakfast in room with various set menu options and of course at an additional cost.
For lunch and dinner, guests can visit a selection of restaurants such as Sarkies with classic Chinese dishes that offer delicious authentic flavors. There are also Indigo with a variety of Western and Asian menus, cocktails with beautiful and evocative presentations. To feel the sensation of the Italian menu, The Maj can be the right choice. The classic Bar concept that gives an atmosphere of hype at night.
To stay here, you can see on various hotel sites available with prices starting from IDR 1,100,000 depending on what season. To provide a different stay, Majapahit Hotel will certainly be the right choice. A super classic hotel in the middle of a modern city and a strategic location that gives an interesting impression to people. It's just for the future, this hotel still needs renewal in some facilities and the side of the room to maintain sustainability and a charming classic concept.

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Hotel Majapahit Surabaya Managed by Accor Hotels,
Jl. Tunjungan No.5, Genteng, Kota SBY, East Java
Tel: +62 31 545 333


  1. Such a luxury stay

  2. I heard its pretty creepy old hotel to stay even though it is super awesome located at downtown area


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