10 Foods Based on Online Store You Must Try, Jakarta

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From year to year, culinary business is growing in Jakarta. It does not take long in a few months, we can find the number of online shop that is uncountable operating in social media. As a food blogger, besides exploring culinary in various restaurants, occasionally I had the opportunity to taste the food that can be ordered via delivery online.
In contrast to the restaurant where we could see the contents of the restaurant reviews through some features of the application. While culinary online base is just a photo as a benchmark and maybe a recommendation from friends. Here, I will share 10 online culinary list that you should try in Jakarta .

1. Halona Kitchen (IG:halonakitchen)
As I recall, this brand began operating around last year with specialist rice products taste typical of Indonesia combined with chicken crispy and chili topping. Available in some chili sauce like sambal matah, onion chilli and sambal ijo. While busy, Halona Kitchen can be a great choice for lunch or dinner. I tried Chicken Rice Crispy Sambal Matah, with warm white rice served with chunks of crispy chicken and comes with chili cuts.
The taste of a chicken is good and with a crisp texture does make me had more appetite, combined with spicy hot chili perfect for the tongue of Indonesia. The serving offered is also quite suitable for one person at an affordable price.

2. Quantum Bistro (IG:quantumbistro_bento)
Still about the typical Indonesian rice, Quantum Bistro is an online culinary business that offers bento rice products and nasi tumpeng mini (cone rice). Overall, they offer typical Indonesian and Oriental food that is perfect if you need food catering. One of their product is quite interesting that is Nasi Besek (bamboo basket). As the name implies a rice package with a side dish served in the besek.
Yellow rice with piece of fried chicken, fried tofu, balado egg, potato cake, chilli and banana. Pretty complete is not it ?! With a large serving, then the variation of the many dishes and the taste of Indonesian is not to be doubted.

3. Craby Crab (IG:craby.crab3)
What can not be online right now? The answer is almost nonexistent. Besides rice, we can even order crab via social media. Craby Crab is indeed a specialist crab products are served with different spice variants.
Get ready to be surprised if you see their social media profiles with large red crab photo shots that look tempting. In accordance with the photos, the crabs delivered to my place are super huge, with a lot of meat and not fishy. In addition, every part of the crab has been processed and facilitate us without having to use the any clamp tools.

4. Owan Kitchen (IG:owankitchen)
There are also Italian food that can deliver online. Eits! Not pizza yah, but cheese sticks, Owan Parmigiana and others. They offer several food products characteristic of cheese as the main ingredient. One of them is mozzarella stick, with ready-fried flour which contains mozzarella cheese which is legit and cheesy.
Then I also tried not less interesting chicken parmigiana, chicken wrapped with flour and fried to produce a crispy texture outside and a juicy meat inside. It fits with typical Italian but adapts to the tongue of Asian people who tend to like taste savory. With an affordable price, I think it's worth it.

5. La Croute (IG:la.croute)
Well this time I also have dessert recommendation that must be tried. With frozen pie mainstay products are quite rare in Jakarta. With a choice of various taste like chocolate oreo, regal chocolate, regal cheese and oreo cheese. In addition, we may buy a whole cake we may also order per slice in here.
With a solid but soft pastry base, combined with a cool and soft frozen pie layer. Each flavor variant is so legit and not too sweet. Presentation of frozen pie is recommended in cold conditions as well as its storage.

6. Singkong Thailand Melted (IG:singkongthailandmelted)
This is one of my favorite desserts online. With the mainstay of Thailand melted cassava served in jar, a soft layer of cassava combined with a sweet and savory coconut milk. Available in several sizes and practical once carried.
This dessert can be served in two ways: warm and cold. I prefer to be served in a cool base, soft texture perfect as a dessert after a meal or a daily fresh meal.

7. Mac n Cheese Melted (IG:macncheese_melted)
Besides melted cassava, there is also melted Mac N Cheese. From the name, would have imagined what this brand offers. Yeah, the mainstay of their product is melted cheese macaroni can be served without or with tasty smoked beef topping.
Served in a practical bowl, it is recommended to consume while warm. Dense macaroni texture combined with the flavor of melted cheese is quite legit. Also do not have to worry about the price, which they also offer an affordable rate.

8. Bakul Babi (IG:bakulbabi)
Yeah as the name implies, you know that this culinary contains non-kosher ingredients. With pork specialists by being some foods like meatballs, sausage, nuggets, dumplings and others. Pork lovers will surely love this product.
I tried several variants, like siomay, nugget, fried meatballs and pork ngohiong. Each product has a differentiated texture, but all have a same thing of which have a tasty seasoning. Suitable once enjoyed as a side dish and served together with white rice.

9. Sylvie Bakery (IG:sylviebakery)
 About this brand, they actually have a shop in the area Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. My favorite is bika ambon, classic Indonesian cake with beautiful yellow color, chewy texture and legit. In addition, the sweetness is balanced makes me very love it so much.
They also offer a wide range of classic sponge cakes with modern and creative flavor variants. Each cake has different flavor from sponge cake to topping. There are mangoes, bananas, blueberries and others.

10. Dellisoy (IG:dellisoy)
Well, this is a brand of drink, especially fresh milk soy drink. With freshness and good quality of this product has benefits for our bodies. This soy milk product is available in many varied flavors. There are original flavors, mango, strawberry, melon, coffee and chocolate.
Soy milk taste fresh especially if served in cold conditions. Sweet taste is also fitting and not excessive. In addition, it is suitable to drink at the time of the morning and certainly for a healthier purpose this can be an option.

Those are the 10 online culinary lists I recommend today. Every time we will see more and more online culinary businesses base continues to grow. With different product variants, innovation and creative. It's just that there are some products offered but not with a mature concept, look so beautiful but not good to eat. Therefore, it is better to prepare the quality of the product from the ingredients to taste will be one of key value of the product.