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The Song Of India, Scotts Rd, Singapore

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Singapore has always been a favorite destination to find culinary from all around the world. Over the weekend i visited a Michelin Star restaurant in Scotts Rd, Singapore. The Song Of India is a recommendation of Indian restaurant that are worth a visit while on holiday in Singapore.
The concept of fine dining restaurant with elegant place is clearly when entering the restaurant. Pass through the hall made of wooden material pillars and surrounded by shady greenery. Up the stairs a few steps into the restaurant, we will find the dominant Indian ornaments on some sides.
The atmosphere at night is somewhat dimly lit considering the concept of an exclusive dinner. There is a lot of wine in the chiller two sides. In the center of the room we will see the crystal chandeliers hanging into the limelight at this restaurant. The room is quite spacious and comes with two private rooms with a max capacity of 20 people.
This time i was presented with a set menu entitled "Journey Through India" which is available with two vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The first served menu is Tempered Chicken & Almond Soup, soup with a thick texture, a creamy flavor that fits and a fragrant aroma. Then comes with a crisp herbed crouton stick as well.
The second menu with a beautiful presentation, Mustard Enhanced Smoked Salmon & Tandoori Chicken. A piece of salmon and chicken wrapped in Indian herbs and spices produces striking colors and fragrant aromas. Served along with some colorful sauce elements give a beautiful touch. Both salmon and chicken meat have a super soft texture and flavor that seep perfectly done.
Before entering the main menu, i was presented with Lime Sorbet to neutralize the tongue after enjoying a dish with a strong flavor. Cool lime sorbet with fresh flavors, and uniquely combined with a truffle that gives a tempting taste. In addition, the sweet content is very fitting well done.
The next amazing menu is Art Platter, main course with beautiful presentation and a large serving. Consisting of Coastal Prawn Curry from The Malabar Coast, the shrimp are processed with dark-colored curry and have a taste that is quite spicy and salty. Then there is Bhuna Lamb Ghosts from Hyderabad, lamb meat serving with curry that is more concentrated but not spicy and has a savory taste.
Dumpukht Chicken in Potli Masala from Lucknow, chicken meat served with curry with a brighter color, savory taste of coconut milk but more light than other curry. Then Garlic Enchanced Spinach & Cottage Cheese from Punjabi, cheese with a small cubes shape combined with a thick orange color and sweet taste. the final dish is Black Lentil Delicacy from Uttar Pradesh, a soft lentils cooked with a thick curry, soft lentil texture feels very tasty.
Each curry that is served has a different color of density and a varied taste. This cuisine is complete with Saffron Basmati Rice which has a bright yellow color and beautiful also fragrant aroma. Interesting dessert here are Alphonso Mango Kulfi & Gulab Jamun, a pudding dish made from beet root to produce a rich purple color, a unique aroma and a delicious flavor. Combined with fresh mango ice cut produces the right taste harmony. It is also complete with several fruits that provide a balance of flavors.
The dinner experience at The Song Of India became a very pleasant moment. The elegant and classy Indian cuisine deserves to make The Song Of India an award for a Michelin Star restaurant. For a perfect experience, you can enjoy a dinner with a selection of wine that gives a pleasant sensation.

Yovent A full-time Blogger & Social Media Influencer who has been travelling overseas with huge enthusiasm exploring culinary world. Living in Jakarta with variety of culture, food style and starting blog since 2014 early. With couple of years experience, he has good references and inspiration in food photography & writing.

The Song Of India,
33 Scotts Rd, Singapore, 228226
Tel: +65 6836 0055


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