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Portable Grill & Shabu, Gading Serpong, Tagerang Selatan

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Portable is a spot to enjoy the typical Japanese shabu-shabu with a selection of quality meat. Last weekend, I went back to explore the area of Gading Serpong which currently there are many restaurants and cafes with an amazing concept.
As the information I got, Portable comes here with a stunning concept by a building big enough for a restaurant. Portable is easy to find using the map and is also visible from highway with big signboard complete with lights.
Once entering the restaurant, I was quite impressed with the spacious restaurant area and the interior that looks exclusive. Complete with cushioned sofas, then a beautiful bar area and an outdoor area with a touch of enchanting greenery and bright lights adorn at night.
Chef Chandra Yudasswara is a chef who play a role in Portable, no doubt with his experience in the culinary world, of course portable presented with a detailed concept. In addition to shabu-shabu, we are also offered with grill dining and ala carte. On this occasion I plan to try some ala carte dishes.
The menu is available in the form of typical Asian and Western food. With a quite varied and interesting menu choices. As the recommendation, I tried some of the dishes that became the mainstay of Portable. One of them, Nicoise Salad with Tuna Tataki, Black Olives, Dieng Potatoes and Achovies.
Nicoise salad is a classic French salad, served with a beautiful presentation, green vegetables with consistent tuna slices and then a fine tomato sauce with quail eggs that give it a unique touch. Fresh flavor with tender tuna provides the perfect combination. This menu fits perfectly as an appetizer.
The next menu, Beef & Yolk, herb potatoes, sautee asparagus and zuchini. This food really looks tempting with a half-baked egg that melts over the tender beef meat. Then, a brownish sauce with a savory taste is really delicious.
Other meat options to try are Roasted Ribs with Tomatoes Sambal (chili sauce). This is one of favorite Indonesian menu. Ro wund plate with 3 large ribs are smeared with a thick sauce and served with rice wrapped in pandan leaves. It seems perfect, the ribs are tender meat with a savory taste suitable with the tongue of Indonesian.
In addition, we can also enjoy a dessert that is also not less awesome. Picasso Chocolate is the recommended dessert you should have. Mini dough tart combined with chocolate pudding then in the middle there is cold ice cream vanilla, and comes with creme brulee, wafer cookies and apple confit with mini pieces decorate dessert.
I need to say, this was a satisfying dinner experience. Other information, I think the menu is similar to Bacco's restaurant menu on Lotte Shopping Avenue which is also one of the restaurants managed by Chef Chandra. With a cozy, spacious restaurant atmosphere and amazing food, Portable Gading Serpong can certainly be a perfect choice for dinner.

It's just that RnB music that bit over to fit the concept of dining restaurants I think, would be better if combined with a little more pop music. For service, it can be said good, friendly enough and quick food serving.

Portable Grill & Shabu,
Ruko Fluorite, Blok FR No. 1A
Jl. Raya Kelapa Gading Utara, Gading Serpong, Serpong, Tangerang
Tel: +6221 5568 1587

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