La Vue Rooftop Bar, The Hermitage, Jakarta

Bahasa l English A classic building, the luxury of the past is evident at The Hermitage Hotel, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta. On this occasion, I had the opportunity to try several dishes at the rooftop bar. The lounge area is located at the top near the swimming pool and roof area as the name implies "La Vue" which means "View" with a beautiful view which is compiled with a beauty of the sunset.

To welcome the 2019 Indonesian Independence month, La Vue presenting a set menu typical of Indonesia to appreciate the heritage of Indonesia. A menu with an elegant and modern presentation while still maintaining the taste of Indonesia which is rich in herbs and spices. Some menus as below:
For appetizers, you will be served with Modern Gado-Gado (Steamed vegetable with peanut sauce dressing), a gado-gado dish with an elegant presentation, complete with vegetables, eggs, tofu, tempeh, and peanut sauce dressing. The overall taste is just right, all the elements combine perfectly and the peanut sauce provides a savory sensation that is balanced.

As for the main course, there are two choices between Lempah Kuning Spice Fish, barramundi fish, belacan shrimp (Shrimp paste mixture) with aromas such as Ebi and yellow gravy from a mixture of turmeric and broth to give the right flavor. Or there is also Chicken Curry that is no less interesting. Served grilled chicken with curry seasoning and complete with pandan rice.

For dessert, there is Lapis Legit Hermitage. This has become my favorite dish here, a legit layer cake with a modern style. 3 pieces of cake, it looks like a small roll of cake which turns out to be a circular layer of cake and the center is a very impressive chocolate mousse. Every bite is delicious, rich in flavor and the chocolate mousse blend makes me addicted.
This set menu will cost Rp. 355,000 per person with 3 types of menus. This set menu is available from 1-31 August 2019. You can book using the chope and can even get Happy Hour discounts up to 50% for drinks. Here are the details:

- 50% discount off drinks Sunday 10:00 am-04:00 pm
- 35% discount off drinks Sunday 08.00pm-10.00pm
- 50% discount off drinks Tuesday-Wednesday 10:00am-04.00pm
- 35% discount off drinks Tuesday-Wednesday 8.00pm10.00pm

Yovent, a food writer and social media influencer who loves to travel overseas with high enthusiasm and passion to explore the world of gourmet. Living in Jakarta with the diversity of cultures, foods, trends, and lifestyle gives him mush of inspiration to create the story. Start blogging since 2014 with more than 5 years of experiences, he has the capacity to work in food writing and photography.

La Vue Rooftop Bar,
The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jl. Cilacap No.1, Menteng, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 3192 6888


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