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Again, this year The Peruvian Embassy presents the sensation of enjoying various Peruvian dishes with the theme "From Peru With Love" together with Holiday Inn Suites Jakarta Gajah Mada by bringing in a chef from Peru, Jaimie Arbulu. Very interesting where guests will be served a variety of Peruvian dishes that are rarely found in Jakarta.

This campaign will take place from 20 August to 1 September 2019. One of the most popular dishes is Ceviche, using fresh fish ingredients combined with onion and a dominant fresh sour taste. Besides that, Lomo Saltado is also a mainstay of chef Jaimie, cooked beef with black pepper and usually enjoyed together with white rice.

Basically, Peruvian food is much influence from Asia, so the dishes that are served are quite familiar to the Jakarta community. The event was inaugurated by the Peruvian Ambassador for Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Julio Cárdenas and his wife, Madame Susan Santos de Cárdenas.

In addition to Peruvian cuisines, Chef Jaimie also presents a special cocktail, Pisco Sour. Drink with a sour taste from citrus combined with a sweet taste so refreshing. While enjoying Peruvian dishes, guests will be accompanied by the performance of Peruvian musician, Mr. Pacha Chawlanka using Peruvian musical instruments, zamponas and quena. Interesting, right?!

For buffet price is IDR 298,000 ++ for both lunch and dinner also included drink. Good news for you, for bank credit card holders, BCA, Mandiri or Panin Bank get a special discount up to 30% with certain conditions. Come, taste the Peruvian dining and get a different experience.

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  1. I have been never try a peruvian food

  2. Makanan Peru katanya kayak makanan Jepang ya?

  3. Sounds interesting! It is rare to see the peru foods


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