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The presence of the Japanese brand has always been a breath of fresh air for the culinary enthusiast in Jakarta. There are always new innovations and interesting trends to follow and certainly become social media demands, especially for millennials. Gram Cafe & Pancake is a brand originating from Osaka, famous for its soft and fluffy premium pancakes. Basically many people from Indonesia have been known this which people used to add on Gram Cafe as a must-visit place while in Japan. Now, there is no need to go far to Japan, you can enjoy these pancakes at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

On the grand opening event, I had the opportunity to taste some of their popular menus. The concept of a modern cafe with an elegant white theme, decorated with synthetic plants that give a touch of bright colors. The area is not a large one, considering it is a cafe with a variety of desserts, not a full gourmet dining. 3 pancakes that I tried the following:

1. Premium Pancake
This is a star at Gram Cafe. 3 stack of pancake arrangement that is thick enough, each has a thickness around 2cm. Pancake with a super fluffy texture and soft become the charm of this dessert, it's just that I smell the strong aroma and eggy taste. Then topped with butter that quite impressing, a fragrant aroma and rich buttery flavor, as well as the whipped cream served aside of the pancake. The price offered is IDR 140,000 can be said a quite high for Jakarta community, but based on information I heard from people who have tried it exactly in Japan, indeed the price is quite similar.

2. Tiramisu Pancake
This pancake is also one of the star, the same as 3 layers of pancakes, then the custard layer is identical with classic tiramisu, complete with coffee elements and chocolate sprinkles on top of it like the tiramisu in general. Cream taste sweeter, the pancake has a thickness that is thinner than the Premium one. For me who is not into sweetness, this one is kind of too much. But for dessert lovers, this is certainly a recommendation that you should try. A slightly lower price of IDR 125,000.

3. Mixed Fruit and Chocolate Pancake.
For those who prefer fruits, this is the right choice. The pancake is quite common with berries and chocolate sauce. Compared to the other two, this one is common to be seen at the pancake eatery. But pancake with berries is always an interesting idea and the right combination. For this menu, price is IDR 130,000.

You could say this has become a new trending that is attractive to the Jakarta community. You will see a queue that is quite a time consuming and all you need to know, every day there will only be 60 Premium Pancakes are served. There will even be certain hours for you to enjoy the pancake between 11.00am, 3.00pm, and 6.00pm. Info that I often hear at the opening first week, the queue number can quickly run out in a short time. So for those of you who are curious and plan to visit here, it should be better you stop by here early.

Gram Cafe & Pancake
Plaza Indonesia, Lv.2, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav.28-30, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Tel: +6221 2992 3031


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