Robuchon Au Dome, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Macau

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Robuchon au Dome, located at the 43rd top floor and situated at the dome of Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau. Guests must travel through private elevator to reach the restaurant, which breathtaking crystal light chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling, above a grand piano and surrounded by curved glass windows overlooking the magnificent city and harbour view of Macau.
Service was seamless and personal. Guests here have free choice to create their own menu according to their apetite. There are choices of 5, 6 or 7 courses, which 3 choices of Les Entrées, 2 choices of Les Soupes and 6 choices of Les Plats. Personally during this lunch time I choose Menu Plaisir, a set of 6 courses exquisite French Food. It will start with Amuse-bouche until last with Mignardises.
Before the 1st course served, it started with bread trolley where you can choose various bread from traditional baguette, brioche, croissant, apricot and cheese bread, foccacia with cherry tomato and many more. They will put all of your choices in a basket and served it with premium salted or unsalted butter.
L'Amuse-bouche become the 1st course served. In French it called Le Maïs, delicate corn veloute with beef jelly and chive marshmallow. Presentation very beautiful, prepared with top-quality ingredients and have complexity in its own way. It has delicate sweet corn flavor, very well balanced with various condiment such as beef jelly, marshmallow, pop corn, basil and lobster oil and spicyness of espelette pepper. A dish that truly lift up your apetite.
Le Pâté en Croûte, served as my 2nd Les Entrées as well as 3rd course. Veal, cep and foie gras in a "Pâté en Crôute" style served with seasonal mushrooms pickles. The garnish on the side was plated beautifully, it has green salad, turnip, mushroom, macadamia nut and saffron, which is so fresh for balancing the pâté en croûte. The pie itself taste very good which made of veal, foie gras, chicken jelly and pistachio nut. The pastry was perfect and served with veal jus on the side.
The 4th course is Main Course or Le Plats. My choice here was Le Black Cod. On the plate was Black Cod with Malabar Black Pepper sauce, bok choy and coconut foam. The Cod fish is from Alaska and Malabar Black Pepper from India. Fish was perfectly cooked, had solid and moist texture at the same time. The sauce made of Malabar Black Pepper, Red Wine, Lobster and Oyster which gave rich sweet taste. The dish also well balanced with coconut foam that had fresh and light taste.
For the 5th course, you can choose Cheese or Dessert from the trolleys. Luckily I have chance to taste both of them. From the Cheese Trolley, guests will have wide selection of cheese like Mimolette, Mobay, Camembert, Reblochon, Toma, Epoisses Marc de Bourgogne, Espoisses from Burgundy, Comte, Mullie de Rhubarb, Brillat-Savarin, Persillé, Roquefort, etc.
Intentionally, I choose cheese with strong flavor, such as Hard Cheese Mimolette, Epoisses and finished with Goat Cheese Persillé. The flavor was very strong, so I need to balanced it with dried apricot, grapes and walnut. Also there was some breads that available to be enjoyed with, like soft bread for hard cheese and hard bread for soft and melted cheese.
From the Desserts Trolley, I have wide selections like Rum Cake, Orange Mandarin, Chestnut with Vanilla Cream, ille flottante (Floating Island), Coffee & Chocolate Puff, Mango Tart, Pear Clafouti, Lemon Tart with Merengue on Top, Apple Tart, Opera Cake, Fruit Salad and most Famous Monsieur Robuchon Dessert, Mille-Feuille or Napoleon.
I put my choice to the famous one and Opera Cake. I just fall in love with the Mille-Feuille, its puff pastry thin and crispy with strong vanilla cream and perfect sweetness. Eat bit a lot of it guarantee that won't made you full enough.
After had magnifying cheese and desserts trolley, for the last course, I had Petit Fours with a cup of Lemongrass and Ginger Tea. They also have Petit Fours trolley with array selection like some Tarts, Banana Cheesecake, Chocolate BonBon, Marshmallow, Chocolate Bar, Almond Pastry, Cinnamon Cookie, Canelé, Chocolate Macadamia Nuts & Chocolate Truffle, Nougat & Chocolate Nougat, Macarons, Passion Fruit Lollipop, Pistachio Nuts, etc.
Absolute an awesome ending after amazing dining experience, start from stunning dining ambience, extraordinary service and most important is the food. A worth French fine dining with three-starred Michelin that you have to try at least once in a lifetime.

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Robuchon au Dome,
Grand Lisboa Hotel, Macau, 南灣葡京路新葡京酒店43樓
Tel: +853 8803 878