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Finding a Japanese restaurant certainly becomes an easy thing for the society of Jakarta, but that needs to be considered is a Japanese restaurant with authentic concept, quality and delicious flavors. Momozen is a typical Japanese restaurant with the concept of modern and classic interior combined into one produces an amazing atmosphere.
But something unique here that Momozen offers the concept of the Japanese fusion menu is certainly with a perfect presentation. My visit this time at lunch on a relaxing weekend. Entering the restaurant, the atmosphere of a bright scene with glass windows complete the view of the city of Jakarta from a height.
Elements of wooden on several sides including the ceiling gives a beautiful touch, then equipped with a pendant that attract attention and do not forget there is a dominant red color wallpaper with artistic Japanese content. Momozen certainly offers a quite luxurious dining concept and available interesting menus such as Truffle Somen with Caviar.
Japanese somen presented with a pretty unique shape on a beautiful black stone plate equipped with kombu truffles that have a fragrant aroma, then caviar with a thick black and a touch of gold piece on it. Fresh taste as an appetizer certainly will improve your appetite.
Followed by an interesting menu like Grilled Miso Foie Gras which is certainly not less beautiful. Stunning foie gras pieces with a seductive brown color of course also from saikyo miso, then served with meringue rice cracker with a sweet taste and a crisp texture.
My favorite menu here is Wagyu Yukke, a unique and beautiful food presentation, a slice of wagyu tartar meat served in a glass bowl and on a cold ice cube and an edible flower that gives the perfect touch. The fresh wagyu meat flavor with wasabi sauce in it gives a different sensation and is enjoyed along with the karashi mustard cracker which provides a crisp balance of taste and texture.
For those who like crispy food, tempura will be the right choice. Ebi Jaga is a recommendation menu here. With stunning looks, the jagaimo potato is fried in a crisp shape resembling a large circular bracelet and features a small purple edible flower on it. About the taste quite normal, fried tempura is commonly found in Japanese restaurants. But I must say that the quality of the good prawn with the right maturity becomes the key to the taste of this cuisine. Do not forget to enjoy together with mango chili sauce with bright yellow color and a spicy fresh flavor perfectly.
In addition to wagyu and prawn, Momozen certainly provides chicken meat dishes. The menu is no less unique, Foie Gras Chicken Breast. Chicken with round pieces of fillet and in the middle there is a fragrant foie gras. Texture of tender chicken meat with the right seasoning can be enjoyed with yuzu teriyaki sauce is tasty, chicken skin senbei crisp. But it would be better if the foie gras flavor is more concentrated to be balanced with other elements.
The lunch experience is very memorable, the place is comfortable, the atmosphere is quiet with a variant of Japanese fusion menu. Not only a beautiful presentation, but able to produce a delicious blend of flavor and of course supported by the quality of good ingredients. Not forgetting to enjoy a weekend lunch while viewing the metropolitan city of Jakarta from a quite amazing height.

Yovent A full-time Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer who has been travelling overseas with huge enthusiasm exploring culinary world. Living in Jakarta with variety of culture, food style and starting blog since 2014 early. With couple of years experience, he has good references and inspiration in food photography & writing.

The Plaza lt. 46, Jl M. H. Thamrin, Kav 28-30, Gondangdia,
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Tel: +6221 299 22246

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