Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia

End of this year i planned to travel somewhere close from Jakarta for few days. Finally i touch down in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra. It took about 45 minutes by flight. This city sure famous by the fish cake and many food destination too. Don't forget spot we must visit should be the giant red bridge or called Ampera Bridge.

During night time, especially Saturday night, this place absolutely crowded. So many people are here taking pictures or having food around. As heard of, this bridge is more beautiful when stunning bright by the colorful lights. Travelling here, of course i won't miss various of culinary spot i could try. This city is blending between the Melayu and Chinese cultures where we could find two kind of foods.

1. Acuan Bak Kut Teh
One of famous classic Chinese food we should try while visit here. The Broth Soup with Pork ribs and bunch of pork dumplings. Normally we found the Bakkut teh is in clear white soup, but in here, they served it with soy sauce which is make it dark black color soup.

But it does taste really good, it is classic homemade soup with such a tender pork ribs. And they also served the fried pork meatballs and fish as well. It also tasty, crunchy skin with soft meat texture.

2. Lo Mie Taksam
Another Chinese food we should try is this one. The thick noodles in really stiff soup topped by bunch of shrimps and pork slices. This one not really suits with my tongue, it has really strong taste of seasoning and a really thick soup is not really my kind. But seems everyones there really starving for it.

3. RM Pagi Sore
It would be good idea when visit this city to try Nasi Padang. And one of recommended spot to try is RM Pagi Sore which is eatery specialist of Nasi Padang. Actually this place also available in Jakarta, but i though it could be different and original from here. In fact, i find it tasty but not much different with common nasi padang we found in Jakarta. If you come to here, you must try Rendang (braised beef).

4. Pindang Meranjat Ibu Ucha
A must try food here is Pindang (The traditional food made of river fish in spesial soup). This place is quite crowded during lunch time, they been famous by many of years with family secret recipe. The pindang patin is a must food to try, the slice of fish in sweet and sour clear soup served along with vegetables. I am sure love this one, it has fresh and sour taste is really good.

Another food to have here is Tempoyak. Another fish cuisine wrapped in banana leaf and it has been marinated with special seasoning. It is really has strong smell and i found out it has similar taste with the soup, only it also using grounded jackfruit as the seasoning.

5. Empek-Empek EK Dempo
The famous food to have in this city is fish cake. It could be fried or steamed. There so many this kind of shop available in this city. You may found many shop selling varoius of fish cake. One of recommended spot is EK Dempo where they have modest eatery concept, classic and comfortable. Other than fish cake, they also have Tekwan & Pangsit. It is similar with fish cake but it is non-fried and served along in broth soup.

6. Empek-Empek Beringin
Another fish cake spot is here, it is not so far from previous one, it took about 5-7 mins by walk. It also a modest eatery spot with similar concept. They are famous by the Empek-Empek Lenggang. The fish cake wrapped by fried egg and served along with black vinegar sauce. It has crunchy texture and egg smells really good also perfect along with the sauce. Don't forget to have bunch of cucumber to get the taste balanced.

7. Martabak Har
The last dish i am going to tell here is this Typical Palembang Stuff Pancake. Basically it is similar like pan fried egg, only it has more crunchy texture dough and served along with curry sauce. Not much taste we could feel, as salty taste fan, i prefer it is dip in soy sauce also chili cut.