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Bahasa l English Mediterranean cuisine is always an attractive option. In Jakarta, there are quite a number of restaurants that carry the Mediterranean concept that we know. This region has a variety of diverse cultures and culinary delights because it is an intercontinental sea located between Europe in the North, Africa in the South, and Asia in the East. Mare Nostrum has only been operating since last year. It's located on the 18th floor of the Grand Sahid Jaya hotel. When you enter the restaurant area, you will see a very different atmosphere. The whole interior brings us to the vibes of the Mediterranean in summer with bright colors, and also a large seating capacity. There is a large bar which can be a great photo spot. In addition, there is a lounge area behind the bar with a different feel and round windows that provide views of the city of Jakarta from a height. On my visit, there is the theme Las Fallas which is a celebration in the Valencia area, Spain. At this moment t

New Menu & The Taste of Seoul, HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Kelapa Gading

Bahasa l English Currently, it is undeniable that we are now quite relieved by the vaccine program that has been running, especially for the elderly population in Indonesia. At least this will be one of the steps for us to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred since last year. In 2021 this will certainly be a moment where we can gradually rise again from all aspects of the business. One of them is Hotel and F&B. Currently, my activities as a food blogger have started to normalize even though on weekdays I still going out of the house when urgent. Do not forget every time we go out, we have to make sure to wear a mask, bring sanitizer and keep a distance as much as possible from interactions with other people. Now, good news for you this time comes from HARRIS Hotel Kelapa Gading Jakarta. This March, they are presenting a new menu with international themes from Western to Asian. The menu served is a gourmet ala carte so that it provides a more exclusive dining experience

Basque Cuisines, Txoko Jakarta

Bahasa l English Last weekend, quite rarely I had free time without having to visit events or restaurants. But even so, I still use my time to go to restaurants that have never been to before to get a new dining experience. This time I visited Txoko in the South Jakarta area which is actually not a new restaurant. I've always planned to come here, but since the pandemic has been going on and I decided not too much going somewhere if not necessary, so this is the first time I have come to Txoko Jakarta. From the outside, it looks like a typical casual restaurant around South Jakarta, but once inside, I was quite amazed by the interior, decor, colors that adorn the whole restaurant does feel pleasant. The open kitchen area is quite large where we can see the activities of the chefs working to prepare dishes. On the inside, there is a bar with bright sun and summer vibes. This restaurant got the 2nd floor has a different touch of the interior, it is plainer but still gives a summer a

From Kyoto to Jakarta, % Arabica

Bahasa l english Lately, social media is quite filled with various content made at this store. Last week was the first moment for Arabica to open its branch in Indonesia or more precisely in Jakarta. A famous coffee brand originating from Kyoto, Japan, and spreading its wings to 14 countries, including Indonesia. The enthusiasm that seemed quite high when this first outlet opened at the Central Park mall attracted attention. The position in the main lobby area makes Arabica look outstanding coupled with the stunning interior. All-white, clean, elegant shades seem to blend perfectly. The coffee bar in the middle area with a large glass pillar on top and decoration of Arabica coffee products enhances the atmosphere of this brand. Then there is an outdoor area with several seats that face the front side of the shopping mall. Here also provided some merchandise such as bags, shoes, mugs at quite fantastic prices. At least you have to spend millions of Rupiah for piece merchandise. The men

Prestige Weekend Brunch, LBRTY Jakarta

Bahasa l English It has been a long time since I did the brunch activity which is usually available in restaurants and hotels. Basically, LBRTY is not a new place, they have been running since 2019, but it is undeniable that the impact of the covid-19 has had a big wave on the entire business in Jakarta or the global world. Currently, LBRTY only operates until 9.00pm, following the government protocol, reducing entertainment, and limiting customers. Last weekend, I came back here after more than a year. But this is the first time I am sharing the information about this place on the blog site. I will tell you from the interior, which does look luxurious, colors like brown, cream, gold, and marble patterns make the atmosphere of this place feel so elegant., although maybe for some people it feels quite intimidating. You could say the concept of the restaurant and lounge around this area is premium. Both based on the location, concept, interior, and menu offered. The main concept of LBRT

Umaqita, Indonesian Heritage Dining with Beautiful Ambiance.

Bahasa l English  After a long break from writing blogs, now this will be my first article in 2021. It is undeniable that the pandemic condition still worrying us every day where the number of positive is increasing day by day. However, we also cannot stop doing to do activities for our living. Less going outside, only necessary matter or for work to be done. Well this time even though in a pandemic, the restaurant business still has to run and there are even several new restaurants that are trying to move on due this pandemic, such as Umaqita. This restaurant has just started operating in January 2021, located in Ruko Golf Island which is next to Pantjoran PIK area. From the front, it can be seen clearly the signage of Umaqita. Then the exterior is added by green color that really stand-out when passing this area. The atmosphere of the interior is pretty charming, the nuances of green in various dept of color and some greenery area currently becoming a trend, then several spots with