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Hakkasan Jakarta

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An exclusive modern Cantonese restaurant, not just a common Chinese restaurant we see around or in a shopping center in Jakarta. Hakkasan comes from London which is very popular and been awarded by Michelin Star since 2003. This restaurant spread to several parts of the world, from London, New York, Vegas, Shanghai to Indonesia. Here even Hakkasan is the only in Southeast Asia, amazing!

In accordance with the information from people around Jakarta, Hakkasan clearly visible from the entrance indeed elegant dining lounge with modern touches and a combination of classic Chinese ornaments that characterize this restaurant throughout the world. On this occasion, I tasted a special lunch menu offered at a more affordable price. This menu is intended for those of you who want to have a simple and fast lunch but still with an exclusive meal and experience.

This menu is called Yum Cha which is Chinese tradition of enjoying tea with various dim sum dishes consisting of 6 types in this menu starting from Truffle Har Gau, Scallop Shu Mai with Tobiko, Morel Crystal Dumpling, Baked Beef Puff, Crispy Prawn with Truffle and Daikon Roll. Two plates served with three dim sum each. My favorite is the shu mai scallop, as a seafood lover, this a very memorable dish for me, fresh and sweet scallop is delicious on top. There is also interesting one like Daikon Roll, with carrot-like shapes, crisp texture Japanese radish, and balanced sweetness.

Besides dim sum, this set menu also includes main courses with 5 interesting choices such as Stir-Fry Black Pepper Rib Eye with Merlot, Tofu Aubergine and Mushroom Claypot. Both of these menus are the signature of Hakkasan in all branches in the world. In addition to these two menus, you can also choose Sweet Sour Pork, Crispy Silver Cod in XO Sauce, and Sanpei Chicken Claypot. Each menu presented offers a classic taste of Hakka & Cantonese that is quite familiar for the Jakarta community. The serving is enough for one person, and also complete with white rice and sauteed vegetables, simple yet delicious.

After that, you will also be served dessert with two choices between Passion Flower with fresh and sour passion fruit elements combined with sorbet, then chocolate formed like leaves. And Es Teler is not an ordinary local es teler, when it is presented, it looks an elegant dessert, avocado ice cream in the middle, then jackfruit and coconut slices just exactly how it es teler taste. The different presentation provides a pleasant experience.

For this set of lunch is cost IDR 358,000 per person and of course including tea. The lunch experience at Hakkasan Jakarta is truly memorable, enjoying authentic Cantonese dishes, good quality ingredients and the right blend of flavors. Coupled with the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant and the charming views of Jakarta from the height. For those of you who want to feel fancy eating at a more affordable price? This will be the right choice.

Yovent, a writer and social media influencer who loves to travel overseas with high enthusiasm and passion to explore the world of gourmet. Living in Jakarta with the diversity of culture, trend, food, and lifestyle gives him much of inspiration to create the stories. Start blogging since 2014, with more than 5 years of experience, he has the capacity to work in food writing and photography.

Hakkasan Jakarta,
Alila SCBD, Lv.25-26, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, South Jakarta
Tel: +6221 5080 8766


  1. This is pretty interesting. Should be on my bucket list

  2. Looks pretty fancy


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