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Queue for Bakery, Bakerman, Jakarta

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A sunny weekend is a good day for us to hang out somewhere, of course, with the new normal protocol during this pandemic. One of the most popular mall destinations in 2021 is Ashta District 8, which is located in the Senopati area, South Jakarta. It is undeniable that this shopping mall has new brands, especially F&B that are not found in other shopping centers.

One of them is Bakerman, this outlet has attracted high enthusiasm in the Jakarta community since operating in Ashta. Bakerman itself is a bakery and restaurant with various pieces of bread, pastries that they produce themselves. Then they also provide a variety of modern Asian Western menus that are following the trends of the Jakarta millennial generation.
Every time you pass this outlet, you will be presented with a view of a long queue, maybe around 20-30 people and usually this queue is visible from the time it opens until the afternoon before closing. My experience is queuing here for about 30-40 minutes, well it's quite a long time, but for Jakarta people, queuing is pretty normal.

After waiting in line, of course, before you get to the cashier, you can choose what you want to buy because you will pass the bakery display when in the queue. Various choices of bakery and pastry, especially croissants, from plain, butter, sweet to savory are also available. The price offered is relatively standard and affordable with the quality and size of each bakery that is sold starting from IDR 20,000.

Some bakeries I tried were Original Croffle, Truffle Croissant, and Valrhona Dark Chocolate Croissant Tart. Every pastry and bakery has a texture like a croissant where crunchy and puffy meet each other, for truffle croissants are more precisely called mushroom croissants where the aroma and the taste offered is more mushroom than truffles in general. Croffle has the perfect texture, buttery and sweet scent is matched.

While the Valrhona tart is also interesting to try, the chocolate taste is premium and of high quality so it feels legit and is combined with the crunchy texture of the croissant tart. Indeed, it is better for this croissant to be consumed directly so that it has the perfect texture, especially when it is warm. For the whole experience of enjoying the product, it is quite memorable. But if I had to wait another 40 minutes or so to wait in line maybe I would think twice.

Bakerman Ashta,
Ashta at District 8, GF, jl Jenderal Sudirman, Kav 52-53, Senayan, Kby Baru, South Jakarta,
Tel: +62 812 8878 8302


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