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Mediterranean Dining, Mare Nostrum

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Mediterranean cuisine is always an attractive option. In Jakarta, there are quite a number of restaurants that carry the Mediterranean concept that we know. This region has a variety of diverse cultures and culinary delights because it is an intercontinental sea located between Europe in the North, Africa in the South, and Asia in the East. Mare Nostrum has only been operating since last year. It's located on the 18th floor of the Grand Sahid Jaya hotel.
When you enter the restaurant area, you will see a very different atmosphere. The whole interior brings us to the vibes of the Mediterranean in summer with bright colors, and also a large seating capacity. There is a large bar which can be a great photo spot. In addition, there is a lounge area behind the bar with a different feel and round windows that provide views of the city of Jakarta from a height.
On my visit, there is the theme Las Fallas which is a celebration in the Valencia area, Spain. At this moment the people there gather on the street, music, dance, and enjoy the sangria which is a typical drink of Spain. At Mare Nostrum offers the sensation of free-flow sangria for this celebration concept for a week. Fresh Red Sangria really makes us feel like being in the Mediterranean and enjoying a sunny summer.
The menu available here is very diverse, from a fairly familiar menu to a unique Spanish menu. The menu concept here uses gastronomic techniques developed by the chefs of the Michelin Star Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona, are Chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu CasaƱas, and Eduard Xatruch. And another amazing thing, their restaurant even entered the top 10 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Some of the menus I tried this time are below:

1. Amuse Bouche
Thin crackers with pesto, dried tomato powder, and parmesan cheese. A simple dish as a starter will certainly increase your appetite. The crunchy texture and fragrant aroma with the right savory taste and not too excessive.

2. Strawberry & Tomato Salad
The 2nd starter dish stirred salad with cheese, basil oil, balsamic and pine nuts makes a perfect combination. The balance of each ingredient becomes harmonious when enjoyed. The fresh, sour taste and creamy cheese combine just right.

3. Open Face Omelette
For this one, it is cooked directly in front of the customer as an interesting attraction. Comes with prawns, mushrooms, and spring onions which have been cooked before with special spices and then combined on top of the omelette which is almost done. The aroma is fragrant, the omelet is soft, the prawn is tender and crunchy and the whole ingredients are really delicious. It's just that the salt isn't evenly spread around the omelet so a few spoons of it taste very salty.

4. Creamy Chicken Croquettas
This is a Spanish croquette. The croquettes are mini size compared to the typical Indonesian croquettes, fill the chicken with curry mayo, spices, and tamarind so that there is a sour taste that gives a different sensation. In addition, if it's less acidic, you can add lime which is served separately.

5. Vegetable Rice & Burrata Paella
A popular dish that can be found in most Spanish restaurants in Jakarta. Usually, you will see paella served with a variety of seafood, but at Mare Nostrum, they also provide vegetarian paella. The fragrant aroma of burrata, tomato powder and pesto is really tempting. The rice texture is the character of paella, it's just that the dish is very salty, it feels like the rice has been cooked in the broth long enough for the absorbent taste to be too strong.

6. Carbonara Nostrum
One of the best dishes, simple but delicious. The macaroni pasta with soft carbonara foam is stirred together so that it is combined, truffles are added so that it is fragrant, bacon and parmesan which gives a texture and savory taste. The perfect blend of creamy and savory makes the dish perfect.

7. Crema Catalana
A dessert dish that is also quite simple but a delicious sweet treat. In the glass there are pieces of fresh strawberries, then a layer of mango sorbet and catalana foam that resembles soft cream on top. Make sure you enjoy every spoonful from the top layer to the bottom layer for the perfect combination of sweet and sour flavors.
The experience of having dinner at Mare Nostrum is fun, the atmosphere is calm, the room is comfortable decoration and a variety of unique Mediterranean dishes give a different experience. Even though there are some dishes that are missed in seasoning, my overall experience is quite memorable. The price is quite high, for a serving of vegetarian paella it reaches IDR 400K ++.

Mare Nostrum,
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.86, Grand Sahid Jaya, 18th, Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta.
Tel: +62 812 8762 0750


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