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Good news this week that I can have the opportunity to taste Michelin Guide dishes at a luxurious Li Feng restaurant, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta. This restaurant operates long enough and is popular as a charming Chinese restaurant in downtown Jakarta. This time they presented Chef Fei from Guangzhou with the Jiang by Chef Fei restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou.
This restaurant has received a prestigious award, Michelin Star which is certainly supported by amazing food like the one I felt at lunch this time. Chef Fei is famous for his expertise in processing authentic Cantonese dishes. Dishes like dim sum are a must-have starter that is beautifully presented.
Chicken Siu Mai with XO Sauce, processed siomay from chicken with the right taste and soft texture then topped with ebi of it until it becomes more savory. Shrimp Wonton with Superior Szechuan Soy & Chili Oil, shrimp meat wrapped in thin and soft dumpling skin and then served with blackish szechuan sauce but has a savory sour taste that blends perfectly. Crystal Prawn Dumpling with Crab Stick, still with seafood, dim sum also pampers the tongue with the quality of fresh ingredients and spices that fit greatly to improve appetite.
Followed by Imperial Hot and Sour Crab Meat Soup, with bright colors, fragrant aroma. Shredded crab meat with dense sour taste really gives a different sensation. The first main dish is Wok Fried King Prawn with Superior Soy Sauce, serving beautiful prawns on top of crispy asparagus with thick and very tasty sauce. To balance, followed by Poach Spinach with Dry Scallop and Chicken Consomme. Serving green vegetables with the right taste, not excessive spices, shredded scallop meat and delicious warm broth.
Do not miss the Egg Fried Rice with Seafood is certainly a mandatory dish in Chinese cuisine. The Yang Chow-style fried rice is cooked with the right texture, not excessive savory taste and good seafood pieces. The dessert served is Passion Mango Pudding with Icing Sugar Egg Puff. The two dishes are served together with different characters where egg puffs are concentrated with sweetness while Passion & Mango Pudding with pleasant sour taste.
The experience of this lunch was truly amazing, the taste offered by Chef Fei was truly high quality and showed real authentic Chinese flavor. Unfortunately, Chef Fei only visited Jakarta for 3 days, a very short time but I can say if you have the opportunity to go to Guangzhou, Jiang by Chef Fei is one of the must destinations that you visit there.

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