Cork & Screw Country Club, Senayan, South Jakarta

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In the last quarter of 2018, Union Group again presented one of its restaurant flagship, Cork & Screw Country Club. Slightly different from Cork & Screw, which was previously at Plaza Indonesia & Pacific Place. As the name implies, here is a place for visitors to gather, relax and maybe exercise a little.
Entering this place, visitors will be welcomed by the atmosphere of a semi-outdoor restaurant, equipped with a beautiful bar, a large area, available dining areas with dining tables both in the indoor and outdoor parts. Then there is also a sofa area that is perfect for relaxing time. It's just that the problem with the number of flies around the restaurant is something that should be concern by Cork & Screw.

In the back area of ​​the restaurant, visitors will be feels like taken to Bali. Here is a pool that can be used for swimming or usually as a place for a pool party and a sun bed to relax in front of it. The atmosphere that has often been felt at various beach clubs in Bali.
From the kitchen area, Chef Fernando Sindu is the Head-chef here. The creations he created included Asian, Western and Indonesian foods which helped enliven menu book at Cork & Screw Country Club. With choices that are quite diverse, names such as Crispy Tuna Tacos and White Wine Clams should be recommended as appetizers and snacks to be enjoyed with friends and colleagues.
Indonesian food seems to remain a star here. By presenting Pekalongan Calamari Rice, which is served with two kinds of squid, sambal hejo, starfruit salsa and white rice. A simple but interesting presentation, balanced with perfectly cooked squid texture. The harmony of taste is the main key in this dish, especially from the calamari ink, combined with the spicy sauce, the refreshing salsa starfruit and warm white rice.
For lamb lovers, Tongseng can be a menu that cannot be misseed. Lamb meat cooked with French technique, confit with tomatoes, gives a very soft texture of the meat also an attractive and refreshing aroma. Tongseng Indonesia's signature features still come with various ingredients such as fried cabbage which is cut into small pieces, fried shallots, green tomatoes, pickles and a plate of warm savory rice.
As a closing for lunch and dinner, a glass of Ambon Old Fashioned Bika cocktail is very interesting to try. Especially if enjoyed on a sun bed or pool edge at dusk.

Teddy Zelig He is an active food reviewer who lives in Jakarta. By emphasizing the overall concept of a restaurant from the atmosphere, the food to the service of a restaurant, he certainly has a high standard in telling his experience. Often travels to various places to explore a distinctive and interesting culinary. With years of experience, he certainly has quality photography and food reviews which are quite expert.

Cork & Screw Country Club,
National Golf Club, Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX The Maj, Senayan, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 5706 365