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Muju Avenue, Artha Gading Mall, North Jakarta

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As a culinary lover, of course almost every week I always plan a list of restaurants that will be visited especially at the weekend. Recently, I am quite helped by the presence of a reservation feature application available on android as well as iOS. BigDish is a restaurant reservation application with a number of interesting discounts.
A fairly easy and fast reservation system is great fun to use. One of the restaurants I've booked is Muju Avenue, just by opening the BigDish app, then enter the date, time and number of people reservation, we will get a notification directly to our mobile even to our mobile calendar. In addition, the interesting thing, every reservation will get a discount promo in accordance with their certain hours.
No need to confirm by phone or email to the restaurant, because all the reservation process is automatic from BigDish system. As soon as the day arrived, I visited Muju Avenue, which is located in Artha Gading Mall, a shopping center in North Jakarta. Muju Avenue is a café with a modern concept, with artistic images that adorn the walls of the cafe, dominant with soft pastel colors and plain, then wooden table & chair material, rustic ceiling and there is an outdoor area with several seats available.
Menu offered with the concept of semi healhty food that is currently in great demand of the younger generation. Various smoothies drinks and smoothies bowl with varied choices and interesting presentations. One is Green Horizon Smoothies Bowl, with vegetable ingredients that produce a bright green color and comes with fresh fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, then raisins and peanuts. The taste of vegetables that ar strong enough just smoothies texture is still somewhat watery where the water and vegetables are less fused so felt biting sliced vegetables.
For you fans of fruit, of course available selection of smoothies with fruits as the main ingredient. One of them dragon fruit smoothies with banana slices, raisins and nuts. Fresh taste is certainly very tasteful in this menu, it's just the same as the previous menu, smoothies texture that is too watery. I guess it would be nicer when more concentrated.
In addition to smoothies, we can also eat lunch with a variety of modern food that pertained comfort food such as Sunny California Avocado Rice, butter rice is equipped with a beautiful green avocado toppings, then comes with a salad. The flavor of the avocado and rice combine well, creamy and legit.
Then there's Thyme Square, a pan-seared chicken steak slice served with pan-fried garlic, mashed potato and croutons. The savory taste of each element is quite a role here. For enthusiasts of salty taste, this menu is certainly quite delicious. The smell of garlic provides a pleasant sensation and the texture of a chicken is very good.
Overall, Muju Avenue can be an option to enjoy lunch with friends or family, in addition to the concept of a comfortable modern cafe, taste that is quite appropriate for the tongue of Jakarta society and the affordable standard price especially coupled with an interesting discount from BigDish Indonesia.


A full-time Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer who has been travelling overseas with huge enthusiasm exploring culinary world. Living in Jakarta with variety of culture and food style and starting blog since 2014 early. With couple of year experience, he has good references and inspiration in food photography & writing.

Muju Avenue,
Mall Artha GAding, Lt. Ground, jl. Boulevard Artha Gading,
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 2245 4503

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  1. Wow everything looks so yummy and appetizing. The application sounds so great and convenient to use for everyone, thanks for the wonderful post. Hope to see more soon.

  2. I read that Post and got it fine and informative. Tik Tok


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