Hometown Food Journey, Belitung

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Long enough living in Jakarta, of course, there's always a feeling want to go back home. Long vacation during the Eid-Mubarak was really refreshing. During that moment, I took a chance to go back to Belitung island. Besides the beaches, Belitung also famous for its variety of local dishes. Not only seafood, but there are also many special dishes must be included on your list. Here some food I would like to tell you while vacationing in Belitung.

1. Bakmi Belitung

At school moment back then, I remember there was only one place was very popular offering this food. But now, it turns out there are several places that also sell this pretty interesting noodle. Unlike the noodles that we used to eat in Jakarta or any other cities, the noodles here are served with thick sago mixture to create the thickness, cucumber, some ebi to enhance the flavor. Sweet savory taste even better enjoy it along with crispy chips. Price is very affordable, around Rp 15,000-25,000. Worth it, right?

2. Yamien Achoi

This is one of the most popular pork noodles in Belitung. It is a pretty common scene when going there and sees many customer and queue for seating since early morning. Even unlucky, run out of noodles when you are going there during lunchtime. This Chinese pork noodle is worth a thumbs up! Operating more than 40 years from small to larger eatery keeps maintaining the modest and simple side. This pork noodle absolutely addicted, every time asking my friends or people who went here before, they do want to go back here. Plus you can enjoy the tasty noodle with homemade fishball soup.

3. Seafood

As you know, Belitung is famous for its beaches. Seafood is definitely one of the main resources of this island. Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Kelayang beach can be an option for you to visit. Along the beachside, there are many area or choices of eatery that close to the sea. For sure they do offers a live and fresh quality of seafood. You can choose your own fish by type, size even how to cook the fish, either soy sauce grill, herbs spices and etc. Nowadays these beaches are have become one of the main tourist destinations which everything is getting a higher price. It should be better if you are checking the price first in advance. 

4. Grilled Juhi

A giant squid, people here call it Juhi. For some people may don't attracted with one since it has the strong aroma and distinctive just like a type of the shrimp paste. Juhi is dried squid then grill on fire, then beaten like jerky to become thinner. Not so much seasoning, it served along with mixture sauce made of tamarind and brown sugar create a sweet-sour flavor to gives the balance. It is a very simple dish, once a time this is worth a try?!

5. Nyuk Piang

I could say this dish is not available at any eatery of restaurant around Belitung. But if you are asking local people here, clearly know what is this home-cooked meal. Likewise in my family, this is a daily meal. Steamed minced pork cooked along with salted vegetables. Fragrant aroma, savory fat and salted vegetable blend that strengthen the flavor. This dish always makes me miss home and it is always good to enjoy it along with white rice.

Here you go, some food recommendation in Belitung. Actually, there are many more dishes here, such as cigoos ice (sweet milk grass jelly ice), otak otak (grilled fish cake), sukun chips. Some Sumatran dishes even exist here, similar appearance but could be a different taste. 3 or 4 days is fine enough to explore this island, not taking so long for you to go from one place to others. So what you waiting for?! Let's go to Belitung.

Yovent, a writer and social media influencer who loves to travel overseas with high enthusiasm and passion to explore the world of culinary. Living in Jakarta with diverse cultures, trend and lifestyle gives him much of inspiration to create the story. Start blogging since 2014, with over 5 years of experiences, he has the capability to work in food photography and writing.