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Hong Kong June 2024

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This is the first time I have returned to Hong Kong since the Covid pandemic. a well-known East Asian destination known for its vibrant city life, street art that is a photographer's dream, and delicious Cantonese cuisine that can be found in anything from casual cafes to upscale restaurants. Along with eateries, this city is home to numerous well-known lounges and pubs that have won 50 Best Bar awards. A few days into the trip, I got to sample a number of delectable foods that I had never had before.
1. Samsen Wan Chai
When I went to Samsen Wanchai, a Thai restaurant that was praised by the Michelin Guide, there was a big line during dinnertime, which was my first experience dining there. Extremely busy; I waited for around an hour. The standout item on the boat noodle menu is the Samsen Wagyu Beef Noodle Soup ($158), a substantial serving with a rich, black broth. Comfort noodles, tender wagyu beef, and a flavorful scent of herbs combine to create a savory dish. A Thai Omelet with Crab Meat & Spring Onion is a menu item that is equally wonderful and costs $178. An omelette stuffed with a generous amount of crab meat and accompanied by a fiery siracha sauce.

2. Mak Man Kee

Stopping in the Jordan area not far from the MTR station, Mak Man Kee has been on the Michelin Guide list since 2020 and consistently until now. There wasn't a queue when I went there at dinner time but the shop looked busy with full customer tables. Tiger Prawn Wanton Noodle ($50) is the highlight here, but in terms of taste, I think it's just average with the broth not being fragrant and the taste being too flat. There is also Dry Noodle with Shrimp Egg Oyster Sauce ($55), the noodles are too dry and have no taste, the shrimp egg aroma is quite dominant but once again the taste is flat. Then Dry Noodles with Pork Knuckles & Bean's Curd Cheese ($58) with large pieces of pork knuckles looked interesting, it could be said that this menu might be better for pork fans. The taste is more savory than the other two menus but in my opinion, it is not as impressive as the Wanton Noodles restaurant I have tried.

3. Penicillin
It's actually ideal to visit the Central area after the sun goes down. Tourists and visitors are drawn to the numerous pubs, lounges, and nightclubs. It is unquestionably a must-visit when in Hong Kong and features establishments like Penicillin, which ranks 26th in Asia's Best Bar this year. We take great pride in the fact that Agung Prabowo and his wife Laura Prabowo, two Indonesians, founded this bar. My recommendation is to arrive early because there will be a large line due to the high level of enthusiasm. The bar area is small and has a soft atmosphere with a minimalist urban white color scheme. There was a large assortment of sophisticated-looking cocktails with delectable flavors. The two drinks I had, "Wear No Evil" and "The Original" by Agung Prabowo, had intriguing, nuanced flavors that were well-balanced between sour and sweet. Each cocktail costs HKD $125.

4. Ying Jee Club
One of the greatest honors in Hong Kong's culinary business is a Michelin Star, so naturally, I had to see one every time I visited Hong Kong. This time, I ate lunch at the Ying Jee Club, which is situated near Central. This restaurant with two Michelin star serves real Cantonese food. There's a relaxed vibe mixed with an attractive interior tone, plenty of seats, and an early reservation is recommended. The majority of local guests choose from the a la carte menu here, but I decided to buy the set lunch, which runs HKD $528 per person since it is a more comprehensive option. There are six dishes on this menu: appetizer, dim sum, soup, pig and shrimp, and dessert. Like Chinese restaurants in general, each dish is presented in a lovely, elegant, and straightforward manner. Every dish has an incredible flavor, with each food element perfectly prepared and composed, and a well-balanced taste. 

5. Quinary
There is usually a significant wait, sometimes up to an hour, at Asia's Best Bar because bar number 31 is likewise very popular. The scorching temperature, especially at night, makes the environment more uncomfortable waiting in the outdoor area. The bar space is large and has a classy, dark vibe with lots of lights while still being crowded with visitors. The Earl Gray Caviar Martini (HKD $140) is the standout item on the cocktail menu. It has a distinctive appearance, lots of foam on top, and tastes good when licked lightly and sipped, it combines sour and sweet flavors with fragrant tea. Then there is Ruby Rouge, a beautiful drink with a blush red color. A combination of various elements and a unique, dominant aroma of oyster scent. The combination of fresh, sweet, and sour flavors provides a different cocktail-drinking experience.

6. Tai Woo

A family-friendly eatery packed with neighborhood visitors, this traditional laid-back dining experience is also featured on the Bib Gourmand Michelin Guide list, you know. This restaurant, which has been around since the 1980s and has its current location in the Causeway Bay region since 2011, is likewise regarded as a legend. Essentially, this restaurant offers a variety of seafood meals, but a noteworthy option is the Sesame Chicken Baked in Salt (HKD $138). It is big enough for two people, it has a savory flavor, a sesame scent, a crispy skin, and a bright yellow hue. This restaurant is popular because of its classic taste; no foreign tourists are in evidence, so it's not surprising that body language will be necessary while interacting with staff members who do not speak English well. This is especially true busy during dinner hours.

7. Twins Liangpi Limited
The Mong Kok neighborhood will undoubtedly be bustling with shoppers when you come. There are always a lot of people in the area with all the sneaker stores, especially tourists from abroad. After you've done your shopping, you may satisfy your hunger at the Bib Gourmand store nearby. Depending on the level, Twins Liangpi Limited delivers glass noodles with spicy sauce along with cucumber, coriander, and a chunk of peanuts. If you're not used to Szechuan cuisine, this straightforward dish will seem very unusual. Just be aware of the dish's intensely hot flavor. The rates are really reasonable, with portions starting at about HKD $28–33.

8. Jade Dragon
Once you're in Hong Kong, you can also travel to Macau, a popular tourist destination known for its casinos and shopping centers that resemble renowned landmarks like Big Ben, Venice, and the Eiffel Tower. Naturally, there are a ton of Michelin Guide restaurants that are excellent dining choices. Jade Dragon is one of them; it is a long-standing, three Michelin Star restaurant. Situated in the City of Dreams, you can explore Macau's shopping district with the free shuttle that runs every day, every hour. The interior exudes elegance, a sense of timelessness, and tranquility. A five-course set lunch meal priced at HKD $780 per person is available. The meal is reasonably priced and of high quality, with well-presented dishes, well-prepared ingredients, and a well-balanced flavor. Excellent service makes the lunch experience even more memorable. A three-star restaurant is unquestionably far more professional, but in my experience, a restaurant with one or two Michelin stars may similarly service.

9. Din Tai Fung
Even if you are still in Macau, you are undoubtedly already aware of this restaurant, which has locations throughout several nations. A huge, casual family restaurant concept situated in the City of Dreams. Of course, Xiao Long Bao (MOP 70), pork dumplings in a flavorful and aromatic broth, is the restaurant's well-known dish. The Michelin Guide recommends the Beef Braised Soup (MOP 102) but I find it too powerful, too overwhelmingly beefy, and difficult to savor the texture of the tendon. Comforting Cantonese food is nice, however, it's not really Michelin Star-worthy but it is pleasant.

Even if we are aware that the majority of the local culture is fairly rude behavior, culinary excursions in Hong Kong are always unforgettable. If you are getting used to it, though, it is undoubtedly common in a foreign country. Simple restaurants and shops may be entered by walk-in customers, but reservations should ideally be made two weeks or even a month in advance for Michelin Star dining.

                                                                          Yovent, is a full-time content writer and social media influencer who loves to travel overseas with high passion and enthusiasm to explore the world of gourmand. Living in Jakarta with the diversity of cultures, foods, trends, and lifestyles gives him much inspiration to create the stories. Blogging since 2014, with more than 5 years of experience, he has a good capacity to work in food writing & photography.


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