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The large-social restriction in Jakarta is currently still running since the number of Covid-9 patients increasing every day. Therefore, I have been at home fo more than half of the year to avoid the risk of spreading the virus around the city. From shopping, laundry, food, everything can be done or get from home without having to leave. Delivery is still one of the main options for daily food needs. Various innovations in the food business to adapt to this new normal condition are of course very helpful for people's needs.

Previously, I tried San Gyu by Hangry with its premium quality beef. You need to know at this time to order delicious food from Hangry, you are able to use the Hangry App which you able to check and order Hangry brands other than San Gyu. Download the Hangry App, and use the referral code YOVEASAI to get a discount voucher up to IDR 150,000. Ok, curious what else I ordered this time?

The first is Nasi Ayam Bude Sari, it is easy to guess that they specialize in Indonesian dishes. I tried one package of a special dish of Bekal Kulit Ori + Garing which is there are two kinds of original and crispy chicken skin including chili sauce and white rice. Each crispy chicken skin enjoyed along with the chili sauce is certainly addicting and taste right. In addition, this package is very affordable.

In addition to the Indonesian menu, there are also chicken wings aka Korean fried chicken from Moon Chicken. You can find various menus of chicken wings with various flavors on the Hangry App. You may order from 5pcs to 40pcs chicken wings in a package with different flavor combinations such as Moon Original, Big Bang, Smokey Comet and etc.cI tried two types of flavors here, Original which is tastes salty & savory, while Lousiana Star with a fragrant and distinctive aroma of spices.
Do not miss the mashed chicken dish from Ayam Koplo. for spicy lovers you must try the Geprek Nasi Wangi Sambal Original Package which is very good. A typical Indonesian food with pieces of chicken and spicy chili sauce combined into one then enjoyed together with savory rice which has a fragrant aroma. Good food should be perfect with a cold fresh drink, Dari Pada can be an option. Various drinks from coffee to non-coffee are available here.

That's food and drink from Hangry. This will certainly be the right solution when we gather with family or friends and want to enjoy the different dishes like when you'd like to have mashed chicken but your friends want a beef bowl. This is used to happen many times and you can certainly order a variety of different dishes from the Hangry App. Come on, download now.  Click the link here HANGRY APP. And don't forget to add the referral code YOVEASAI when you register.


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