Halfway Arteri, South Jakarta

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Another Chope restaurant that I can recommend to you to go. Halfway is a hype bar dining with very nice decoration. The wooden concept in the whole interior makes this place looks very gentle. Then the painting on the large wall just make a nice spot for taking pictures.
The menu they offer here is in the form of Western Asian twist dishes that adjusted to the Jakarta community. Last Sunday I had a chance to try some dishes as below: 
1. Spaghetti Halfway Chicken (Rp 75,000)

A comfort dish that is quite common to be found at restaurants in Jakarta. Spaghetti combined with a moist and tender piece of chicken. Pasta is al dente, but a little too much of oil which the pasta kinda greasy. Well besides that, the spicy taste has pampered the palate.

2. Pizza (Start from Rp 75.000)

Here's the pizza variant that is quite diverse, from Four Cheese, Pepperoni Basil, Chicken Pineapple and etc. The pizza is quite thin, crunchy, full of topping and balanced seasoning. Well, I can say this is an absolutely good Asian-style pizza.

3. Lamb Chop (Rp 165.000)

One dish that looks appetizing. The smoky aroma of ribs, made of good quality ingredients. Tender, perfect seasoning, and is served along with sidedish, some vegetables with dressing to balancing the taste.

4. Nasi Goreng Gurih (Rp 55.000)

For rice lovers like me, this menu is very interesting to try on the menu. The taste of classic Indonesian dish always be my favorite choice for dining and also following the market of Jakarta, Indonesian food kinda must available at least. Fried rice served along with an egg, crackers, chicken, vegetables. Pretty savory but too sweet, good spicy enough.

Halfway Arteri also famous with evening entertainment. Of course, they do serve many choices of drinks including cocktail or beers that ready to accompany guests evening during enjoying the music and some chat with special mates.

Well, for those of you who book through Chope, discount that available here, up to 50%. Very interesting, right?! This deal will be available every day from 5.00pm - 8.00pm. Base on the menu I had this time, it supposed to be around Rp 370,000 from the total bill. But when using Chope, I only need to pay about Rp 185,000. Amazing!

Halfway Arteri,
Jl. Arteri Pondok Indah No.60, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 2751 6212