Family Thali, Babooji Jakarta

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After a month's break, finally here is an opportunity and get an idea to write again. It can be said that the end of last year became one of the most hectic months due to the many campaigns for the new year eve and the addition of a 2 weeks vacation which I was certainly used for refreshing and took a break from work.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to taste the new dish at a modern Indian restaurant that I had visited several times before. This time Babooji presents the Family Thali menu. This is a typical Indian dish that usually contains many types of food served on a large round tray. Historically, this THali has been around since 3,500 BC, and in ancient times this dish was only intended for members of the royalty.

The word Thali itself means a metal plate used to serve food on it. In India, this is very popular in several regions such as in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and some places in North India. Now the basic idea of this consists of various flavors from sweet, salty, sour to bitter. At Babooji, Thali is served with 38 types of dishes such as Palak Paneer, Biryani, Yellow Daal, Butter Chicken and many more.

For taste, Babooji can be one of the best options for you beginners for Indian cuisine. The whole dishes are still in accordance with the taste of Jakarta society without losing the touch of Indian herbs and spices. Good thing as well, all the lamb here is truly amazing. Besides its fragrant aroma and tender.

Good idea for you to book online through Chope, why? Because by reservation through Chope in advance, you may get a discount up to 50% off when you go to Babooji. This Thali prince range around IDR 900K ++ and can be shared around 7-8 people or more. This certainly can be a perfect dish to share the togetherness with a family or friends. Go on!

Jl. Gunawarman No.61, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Tel: +6221 2751 9597