Parc 19, Kemang, South Jakarta

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After renovation for some of the time, Parc 19 is operating now with more modern concepts and comfortable. AT first glance, this place kind of looks like a coffee shop with wooden dan urban vibes through the interior. But if you look clearly, basically it is a lounge dining that also equipped with a bar station. This time I had the opportunity to taste several of their signature dishes, with the new concept still stick to the Western and Asian fusion, here some below:
1. Char Siu Beef Fried Rice (Rp 85.000)

From the presentation, it looks simply like a bowl of classic fried rice. But for its taste, this one has become a favorite dish for me. Fried rice topped by beef jelly to represent the pork that normally found in Chinese fried rice. Even the aroma just exactly like I am having a bowl of fried rice at the Chinese restaurant. Very interesting!

2. Quattro Formagi ( Rp 95.000)

Classic pizza that common to be found the restaurants in Jakarta. Pizza with fairly thin crusty base, then topped by 4 kinds of cheese from mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar, and Grana Padano. As a type of Asian style pizza, the taste is adjusted suits as the palate of the Jakarta community. This pizza can't be compared to authentic Italian pizza as it is made with a different character.

3. Prawn Marinara (Rp 100.000)

A menu that also often to be seen around the restaurants in Jakarta. Spaghetti pasta combined with tomato sauce and served along with pieces of prawn. Exactly just like an Asian style pasta. Savory and tasty pasta that very common I think compared to the first dish.

4. Mexican Platter (Rp 110.000)

The perfect dish for share. Platter with a variety of Mexican styles light bites such as nachos, chicken quesadillas, beef burritos, tomato salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. It should be great while having this after dinner, chill, enjoy the cocktail and live music performance with some mates.
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Parc 19,
Jl. Taman Kemang no.19, Kemang, Jakarta
Tel: +6221 71999 88