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Jakarta Culinary Feastival is indeed one of the biggest culinary events in Jakarta which always invites great enthusiasm for the Jakarta community. Jakarta Culinary Feastival of JCF 2019is always held in the Senayan City, divided into two areas namely Fork Tent & Spoon Tent. In this festival, there are various culinary tenants from local to international.
In addition, visitors can also enjoy non-stop meal shopping at the Go-Food festival also taking part in this event. They are available with a variety of local dishes and affordable. Here, I want to tell the experience of Chef's Table which became one of the interesting activities. Visitors can meet up with expert chefs both national and international. Enjoy the live cooking and food served by the chef at the private dining room.

This is the second time, I had the opportunity to join the chef's table with chef Fernando Sindu and Charins Chang with the theme "This is Nusantara" As the name implies, various dishes are served in the concept of Indonesian food with modified presentations while still presenting authentic flavors.
Starting from some snacks or light meal like Tempeh, sounds very simple, but quite unique tempeh (fermented soy bean) served on top of crackers along with fragrant soy bean hummus, savory balado gel creates a delicious combination. There is aslo Satay Marangi typical of West Java, but unique where beef satay is sprinkled with crunchy puffed rice, peanut sauce and pickles as it is like enjoying satay complete with the rice. Another dish, Tulang Sum Sum, a marrow bone is processed together with padang sauce, fried shallots and serunded (shredded coconut) so that it is fragrant and delicious.

For the main course, there is Woku Fish, a typical Manado food but with an elegant presentation. Pan-seared fish is served on a round modified bakwan (Indonesian fritter), yellow sauce with a fresh calamansi flavor and basil crackers. Then there is Iga Bakar, this one is truly appetizing. Pieces of beef take a long time to be processed to get the moist texture, then served with typical of Wonogiri tiwul (Javanese cassava dish) in modern round shape, there area cassava vegetables that shaped like small sphere and kluwek sauce that has distinctive aroma.

For dessert, chef Charins is the expert. Kuehs of Indonesia is inspired by various desserts in the regions of Indonesia. Each region does have a character and taste different dishes. Amazing dish clearly illustrated a map of Indonesia with 5 types of spheres according to the location of the region. Here are the details:

1. White Gold Sphere
Bika Ambon cake with cheese mousse and crumble. For sure this bika ambon cake is my favorite. Although the shape is pretty different, the taste is very similar to the original bika ambon.

2. Choux Ball
Inspired from a typical Kalimantan traditional cake Seri Muka. Shaped in round shape, soft texture and filling cream that gives a sensation.

3. Pink Ball
This is Doger ice you know! Cocopandan ice cream then there is black sticky rice and tapai in it. It is also consisted of coconut and pandan cake. It really feels like an ice doger combination.

4. Brown Sphere
The taste of Putu Cangkir, a traditional cake from Makassar. Coconut ice cream wrapped in a brown cake that is rolled and has a mochi-like texture.

5. Yellow Ball
This one is inspired by the typical dessert of Papua, Sasak. But as far as I know in Lombok there are also something similar like this which is made of banana and then wrapped in coconut cream also coconut meringue on top.

The Chef's Table is certainy memorable. In accordance of the concept This is Nusantara, each dishes are provides a unique sensation of archipelago's taste. With a proper reconstruction and good technique to produce modern and interesting foods. For those of you who haven't made it this year to stop by the Chef's Table, no worries. Hopefully you got a chance in next year, don't forget follow IG @foodioz to get more dining updates.

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Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2019,
Senayan City, South Jakarta


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