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Animale Restaurant, Setibudi, South Jakarta

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Cutt & Grill, Senopati, South Jakarta

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Previously, this restaurant was operated around Tebet area. But now they are presented at the Senopati area with a more modern, elegant concept and an artistic touch at some of the corners. Ample area plus outdoor section, from the name it os predictable, yes this restaurant specializes in grilled food.
My weekend visit at lunch was quite crowded with customers who came along with friends or family. Surely it would be a good idea if you make a reservation in advance using Chope application. This time, we tasted several of the signatures dishes from Cutt & Grill. 1. Cutt Nachos, (Rp 75,000), a starter that is quite tempting. Large servings with crispy nachos and the right thickness, then using a tasty Monterey sauce, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, fiery jalapeno and cuts of beef. Or you can also choose a skipjack fish as an option.
2. Chilled Watermelon Salad (Rp 75,000) this is one of my favorite dishes. Fresh salad with romaine lettuce, feta cheese, honey, a lemon d…

Chibo Okonomiyaki Teppanyaki, Gandaria City, Jakarta

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One of the restaurant recommendations for Japanese food lovers. Every time you go to Osaka, you will definitely taste of best dishes there. Now Chibo is the original brand from Osaka come to spread its wings in Indonesia with attractive Japanese authentic products.
The store at Gandaria City mall is quite large with a lot of seating capacity. Then it is equipped with an open kitchen where we can see the activities of the chefs preparing dishes. There are also cooking board on each table, but it is only used to keep food warm when served. Well, as I said, they clearly specialize in okonomiyaki, so the choice here are quite diverse.
One of the signatures is Chibo Okonomiyaki, a unique presentation where okonomiyaki is served with shrimp, slices of beef, chicken and even squid. The size of the okonomiyaki is large enough to able to share 2-3 people. Coupled with Chibo special sauce with a secret recipe that is very tasty.
One delicious menu is Saboro Beef Omelette. Places of…

Lunch Set, C's Steak & Seafood, Grand Hyatt Jakarta

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Take dining at 5-star hotels are usually identically with high enough price, no?! In Jakarta itself, it takes an average of around Rp 300,000 - 600,000 each person to enjoy a meal at the hotel restaurant. But here is good news for you. Stop by at C's Steak & Seafood Jakarta during the weekday, you can find lunch offers at attractive deal.
C's Steak & Seafood is one of the restaurants in the Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. In contrast to the Grand Cafe which offers a buffet concept, while at C's Steak & Seafood Jakarta provides an ala-carte menu with more exclusive vibes. This month they presented the concept pf set lunch menu with super affordable deal.
How much? Only IDR 200,000 ++ per pax and what will you get? Starting from the appetizer with a choice of salad, spring roll or soup of the day. Then the main course, you can choose pasta, pizza, fish or tenderloin. While there is a fruit salad or cream fro the dessert. And this package is also included…

Liberta, Central Jakarta

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The rainy season has caused severe floods in several areas in Jakarta, especially in the Kelapa Gading area. Other than that, there are also consequences such as traffic jams and most of the businesses shut down for a moment. Well, this time I am telling you one restaurant that is quite far from the flooded area. Liberta is located close by the Tanah Abang area. More precisely at the Pavillion Apartment on Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur, Central Jakarta.

In this location, there are indeed some famous restaurants such as Tucano's, Harum Manis, Hokkaido Izakaya and one of the latest, Liberta. From the name, you can guess that this restaurant carries the Italian concept. The area is quite spacious with exclusive interiors such as elegant dark colors. But the private room has a different ambiance with a room full of the bright sun during the day and shades of white.
The menu variant here is quite a lot like the antipasti, Liberta Charcuterie Board, 3 types of meat slices such as s…

So Fashion Cafe, Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta

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This cafe is located in a shopping center which was hit by floods quite times ago. Yes, Taman Anggrek Mall had been shut down for approximately 2 weeks due to the effects of the flood disaster that submerged the basement area and the electricity generator was drowned. But fortunately with a professional team, so everything is back to normal quickly once they back on and all stores in the mall can operate.
The information from the So Fashion Cafe team was that they were quite overwhelmed at the time because they were unable to do any activities and all food items were damaged. To ensure conditions, I visited this cafe and tasting a number of their signature dishes. Yes, this cafe is covered in a bright pink color through the interior. The pink color is quite loved by the restaurant owner these lately in Jakarta because it is an attractive and instagramable color.
The area is quite spacious with some decorations that also carry the color of pink. The menu offered here is i…