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Convivium Cafe Deli, South Jakarta

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It's been about 3 weeks we all run the program stay at home according to instructions from the government in Indonesia. Last time I still had the opportunity to visit a restaurant cafe around South Jakarta. As I recall, the moment was on March 14, 2020. After that, I began to stay at home since the positive victims of the covid-19 virus began to increase quite a lot in a week.

The Convivium Cafe Deli is located right of the Panglima Polim V road, South Jakarta. The building is white with large brand signage and filled with green plants so it looks beautiful. The area inside the restaurant is spacious enough, my visit on weekends looks very crowded atmosphere in this restaurant. In the outdoor section, there are also some seats, but the air is quite hot during the day.
The menus offered here are quite diverse, various comfort dishes that are quite familiar to Jakarta society such as salads, pizza, pasta, and other modern twist cuisines. To start this lunch, I tried th…

Kam's Roast Goose, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has always been an attractive destination to visit especially with a large number of Michelin Star restaurants that are popular and certainly awesome. After traveling around China for 1 more week, I visited Hong Kong a few days at the beginning of 2019. This time I stopped by a restaurant listed in the Hong Kong Macau Michelin Guide for several years in a row since 2015 until now with 1 Michelin Star . Kam's Roast Goose was originally built by Mr. Kam Shui Fai and his father Kam Kinsen Kwan Sing. In 1942, with the name Yung Kee Restaurant and it turned out to succeed until its name soared to internationally. With hard work and high enthusiasm, they maintain the family legacy of Kam until the 3rd generation to the present day by Mr. Hadry Kam. Visiting this casual eatery, you will be surprised by the super long queues since the morning until the evening. Make sure when you arrive there, register first in front of the outlet and pick up the queue number. Afte…

Animale Restaurant, Setibudi, South Jakarta

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Jakarta is currently impacted by a very serious Covid-19 virus outbreak. More than hundreds of positive victims and even dozens of victims died. This condition makes Jakarta citizens are carrying out all works and activities at home and only go out if there's any necessary or urgent. This time I will only share information about one of the elegant restaurants which also only operates about this year. Hopefully, this virus waves able to pass quickly and we can all live normally as soon as possible.
Animale Restaurant is a new place with an elegant and luxurious concept. It offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes but with a modern American ambiance. Once entering this restaurant, it looks really enchanting interior decoration. The hallway has an artistic ceiling, as well as a dark color selection that resembling the elegant style.
In addition, there is an outdoor space with quite a lot of seating capacity, then a view that is no less beautiful from a certain height is…

Cutt & Grill, Senopati, South Jakarta

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Previously, this restaurant was operated around Tebet area. But now they are presented at the Senopati area with a more modern, elegant concept and an artistic touch at some of the corners. Ample area plus outdoor section, from the name it os predictable, yes this restaurant specializes in grilled food.
My weekend visit at lunch was quite crowded with customers who came along with friends or family. Surely it would be a good idea if you make a reservation in advance using Chope application. This time, we tasted several of the signatures dishes from Cutt & Grill. 1. Cutt Nachos, (Rp 75,000), a starter that is quite tempting. Large servings with crispy nachos and the right thickness, then using a tasty Monterey sauce, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, fiery jalapeno and cuts of beef. Or you can also choose a skipjack fish as an option.
2. Chilled Watermelon Salad (Rp 75,000) this is one of my favorite dishes. Fresh salad with romaine lettuce, feta cheese, honey, a lemon d…

Chibo Okonomiyaki Teppanyaki, Gandaria City, Jakarta

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One of the restaurant recommendations for Japanese food lovers. Every time you go to Osaka, you will definitely taste of best dishes there. Now Chibo is the original brand from Osaka come to spread its wings in Indonesia with attractive Japanese authentic products.
The store at Gandaria City mall is quite large with a lot of seating capacity. Then it is equipped with an open kitchen where we can see the activities of the chefs preparing dishes. There are also cooking board on each table, but it is only used to keep food warm when served. Well, as I said, they clearly specialize in okonomiyaki, so the choice here are quite diverse.
One of the signatures is Chibo Okonomiyaki, a unique presentation where okonomiyaki is served with shrimp, slices of beef, chicken and even squid. The size of the okonomiyaki is large enough to able to share 2-3 people. Coupled with Chibo special sauce with a secret recipe that is very tasty.
One delicious menu is Saboro Beef Omelette. Places of…