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Writers Bar, Raffles Jakarta, South Jakarta

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Raffles Hotel Jakarta is one of Jakarta's famous luxury hotel spots. With a magnificent building, the beautiful lobby is filled with ornaments and artistic decor. Not to forget, this hotel became the choice of King Salman during a visit to Indonesia a few months ago. This is my recently visit to this hotel to enjoy the culinary presented here.
In addition to the Arts Cafe which is an all day dining restaurant in Raffles Jakarta, we can also enjoy afternoon tea at the Writers Bar. Beautiful lounge with colorful interior, elegant design and comfortable sofa available to enjoy time.
In the afternoon a perfect moment to do high tea with a selection of quality teas and a variety of canape dishes are beautiful and tempting of course. A beautiful tiered appearance resembles a bird cage with a 3-level plate. Each tier contains a different canape dish.
Starting from the bottom there are scones, a type of pastry that comes from England with a soft and sweet texture that matched. Followed by a tier two contained Strawberry Tart, Lemon Merigue Tart, and Old English Trifle. Sweet dish with a beautiful presentation would be very suitable to be enjoyed along with a cup of warm tea.
While the top tier there are various cakes such as Raspberry Zeppole, Green Tea Matcha Cake and Le Monte Christo Cake. No less interesting, the appealing presentation is evident and every cake has a soft texture and a pleasant sweet taste.
In addition to providing a balance of flavors, we will also be served with a variety of dishes with savory taste. There are Cucumber Sandwich, Salmon Bun, Scotch Quail Egg and Cheese Tart served on separate dishes. This dish will certainly provide a balance of taste after we enjoy a variety of sweet foods. Afternoon tea would be perfect accompanied by quality delicious tea.

Due to the hot weather, so I tried Raffles Jakarta Tea with cold serving. Beautiful bright colors look really fresh. The smell of black tea with honey creates a sense of perfect taste, This tea can only be enjoyed in Raffles Jakarta only. Writers Bar will certainly be a pleasant spot to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea.

The calm atmosphere, the beautiful interior and the cozy space made me feel at home to spend long time here. Not forgetting to be supported with friendly service, informative and fast. The price offered is quite fair enough with the afternoon tea experience.

Yovent A full-time Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer who has been travelling overseas with huge enthusiasm exploring culinary world. Living in Jakarta with variety of culture and food style and starting blog since 2014 early. With couple of year experience, he has good references and inspiration in food photography & writing.

Writers Bar,
Raffles Jakarta, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Tel: +6221 2988 0888

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