Port Five Six, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

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Once a time, i used to go to Gading Serpong area where not left out from Jakarta with many restaurant and cafe around the city. It has been available various of concept and food that have been offered. Of course it does interesting for people even from Jakarta.

One of restaurant that has been trending right now is Port Five Six in Gading Serpong. This restaurant kind of difficult to find from the street if we are not clearly take a look. It is spotted together with another restaurant in a same building. One is Indonesian restaurant spotted at bottom, and Port Five Six on top of building.

For your information, to get in Port Five Six, we must pass through the left side of building through the stairs. During my visit this time, it has been renovated so it is quite uncomfortable while some merchant doing their work.

This restaurant doesn't have a huge space, with minimalist concept and modern such suitable for youth people in this era. Port Five Six offering a casual dining experience and complete with coffee bar that has been trending in town. During weekend, this place sure is crowded by customers.

Before seating, we have to make an order food and drink at the cashier. After that, of course we need to pay for the food before go to our seat. This kind of concept sure completely like a coffee shop. Just like normally modern cafe, Port Five Six is using wooden as theme for the tables and chairs. Then industrial wall with unpainted color give a nice touch.

Without took a long time for serving the food. Basically, Port Five Six is offering a various of casual food which is not much complicated as continental restaurant. In here is available with many casual modern dishes with Western and Fusion style. We may found menu like a eggs shinjuku, chansu don or steak & egg.

Sadly, most of dish is served in not a good presentation i think. Other than that, taste of food kind of basic or nothing special. Normally, in fusion modern restaurant is serving a food with different taste and unique. But in here, i just taste a normal kind of food i have been used to before in other restaurants. The other disappointing thing is, i ordered steak in medium rare, but in fact, they served me with medium well in duper dark color of meat.

Honestly, my dining experience in here is not really impressive. Especially this time, there's many restaurant similar with this in town or even outstation. With a nice concept, i just hope they could improve more for the food.

If they able to serve food in good presentation and interesting also a nice unique taste, i am sure they would give an impressive or nice dining experience. For price, i might say it is standard, but if talk about the food, i could say not totally worth it. They have a quick service and sprightly but more warm and friendly should be better.

Port Five Six,
Jl. Kelapa Gading Selatan, Blok BH 10 No. 5-6, Serpong Utara, Tangerang
Tel: +6221 5420 0918
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